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Circuit Training Courses

Getting fit can be hard work. Staying in shape is something we all try to do, but most of us don’t have the time to. Circuit training is a great way to fix this problem and circuit training courses teach all about how to get into this exciting area.

Circuit training is a varied system of exercise that aims to strengthen and tone the whole body. A focus on cardio workouts increases your heart rate, which burns fat more effectively. The focus on the whole body means that there is no part of your that won’t feel the benefit of training. With a special emphasis on training the upper body and core muscles, in addition to normal aerobic exercise, circuit training can deliver a rewarding workout for anyone.

I am out of shape, but I want to get fit fast. What can I do?

No problem. A fitness ‘boot camp’ is a fantastic way to get fit quickly. While a circuit training boot camp is very hard work, it is a good way to get back into fitness by pushing your body hard for a short period of time. This is also a strong step up from other exercises, like traditional aerobics. If you’re worried that you are too old for intensive training, it is no problem. There are specific courses for over-55s, which will give you all the workout that your body needs without the extra stress.

What will I learn to do with a course in circuit training?

If you are looking at taking a course in circuit training for personal development, you will learn a lot. Discovering the best way to keep fit and train effectively is a must. For people with a deep interest in getting (and staying) in shape, learning how to take care of their body can be a great skill.

A course in circuit training will teach you a series of exercises designed to train each specific section of the body. These include bench presses for the upper body, sit-ups and crunches for the core and runs and jumps to work on the lower body and raise the heart rate. There are also various full body workouts that will encompass all of your key muscles at once.

I’d like to become a personal trainer. Can I learn to teach other people about circuit training?

Yes. If becoming a personal trainer has always been a goal of yours, then you can use it to qualify for your dream job. With a range of different part-time courses on offer, becoming a professional in circuit training can be as simple as a part-time course over only 7 months.

A qualified fitness professional can work in several different fields. It is possible to be a fitness coach or a personal trainer. It is also a good qualification to have if you are considering setting up your own gym. If you would like to study further before doing so, a certificate at this level will also open up a path to a diploma or a degree. There are a range of different specialist courses on offer. These include;

  • Gym Instructor
  • Fitness Coach
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Fitness Professional Course

All of these different qualifications leave the circuit training student with different skills. All courses have a strong focus on circuit training as a foundation however. At the level offered here, a certificate is worth an NFQ level 6 or EQF/SQF level 5. It has the highest academic standard of any fitness award available in Ireland

Whether you want to get into shape, or help others get in to shape themselves, there is a circuit training course for you. With flexible options available, there’s no excuse not to!

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