Criminology Courses

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Criminology Courses

Criminology is a fascinating subject. Dedicated to the science behind crime and the people that commit it, it is a rewarding career. Criminology courses teach about the many applications of criminology in the modern world. It can be used along with psychology to study the minds of criminals in order to understand why crimes are committed. It can be used with law, to better prosecute criminals that break the law. It can also be used in context with sociology to help try to solve the factors that drive people to commit crime.

There are 3 levels of Criminology course available for students. Each course has different options and outcomes according to the level that students choose to study.

Certificates in Criminology

Many of the certificate and diploma stage qualifications focus on a specific discipline of criminology. With specialisations such as Prison Studies, Garda and Policing studies and Corporate Fraud Investigation, new students can take a step into the world of criminology. Graduates with existing qualifications can also use these diplomas to gain deeper understanding of key skills.

These diplomas are useful for demonstrating expertise in a specific area of criminology, rather than an understanding of the concept as a whole.

Undergraduate courses in Criminology

There are two central types of undergraduate course in criminology.

For students that wish to study criminology as part of sociology, there are courses available. These look at other social science disciplines, and are ideal for students who might want to learn about criminology without specializing in it specifically.

For students that are more interested in a traditional criminology degree, there are undergraduate courses available in Social Policy and Criminology, designed to teach students about the role of society in a criminal context. Criminology with Psychology, a course which can also be used as a route into medicine, is also available.

Postgraduate courses in Criminology

Postgraduate criminology courses are more diverse in nature. As students are expected to be familiar with the core ideas of criminology, a postgraduate course allows for specialisation. With options such as Forensic Psychology and Social Policy, students can expect to go into much greater details on these courses. They deal with a much narrower field of study than undergraduate courses. They are also held in more prestige.

What can I expect to do once I graduate?

As a graduate in criminology, there are different options available to you.

For students that have specialized in criminology and social science, work with think tanks and policy institutes is possible. Working as a counsellor or even legal professional is also possible. For students that have studied criminology with psychology, it is possible to work in the medical field, as a psychologist or a counsellor. It is still possible to go on to a postgraduate course (or take a diploma) and specialise further in your chosen career.
Students that have taken a diploma or postgraduate course with a specific focus can be expected to work in the field in which they have studied – the exact nature of which depends entirely on the course they chose to take.

Work with the police and security services is also a possibility – as graduates will have displayed a clear understanding of dealing with criminals. This makes the course perfect for anyone considering a serious career in law enforcement.

A course in criminology can often be difficult. For the people that choose to study it, it is also rewarding. It is a fascinating and different career option from many available. If you have the drive and desire to help others, and to look at the world from a perspective that is different from your own, then consider studying criminology at whatever level you choose.

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