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Get into shape with Aerobics Classes!

Do you want to get fit without all the expensive equipment? Whether you are starting tomorrow, or already an expert, you are sure to find an aerobic workout class that suits you perfectly.

There are many different kinds of aerobics classes on offer. Some, like the Khai Bo classes contain non-contact kicks and punches. STEP Aerobics classes are a great way to perform traditional keep fit exercises with a focus on the lower body. All of the Aerobics classes on offer are a fantastic workout for anyone at any level.

I’ve never taken an Aerobics Class before. Will it be hard work?

Aerobic fitness does not require you to lift weights or use complex machinery. Instead, all you need to do is show up and be ready to work out. The aim of an aerobic workout is to raise your heart rate, and burn calories faster for the rest of the day.

For beginners who are worried that they might not be fit enough, aerobic classes are an easy workout to begin. For more experienced gym-goers who want to push themselves, a workout can be very high energy and burn a lot more calories. As you progress through these classes, you will find yourself getting better at the exercises and naturally progressing.

As well as being a great confidence boost, it also has major implications for your health. As long as you continue to follow the routines and keep in shape, you can expect to see many benefits from Aerobic classes.

What parts of my body will be worked out?

Most courses will work out your lower body, mostly by burning calories through high-cardio workouts. While this is not the sort of course that will build muscle, it is excellent at fighting fat and toning up the muscles that are used. Some courses, like the Khai Bo Aerobics class, which is based on Thai Kickboxing, tone other parts of the body too.

These types of fat-busting workouts are shown to reduce the chance of developing diseases and health conditions associated with being overweight. These include diabetes, depression, heart disease, and osteoporosis, as well as some types of cancers.

Can I build muscle mass with an aerobics class?

Not very effectively. If you’d like to build muscle, another form of exercise might be better suited for you.

I’ve taken a class before but I’d like to learn about leading one instead!

If learning about teaching aerobics and fitness is for you, then there are courses at certificate level. If you would like to be properly qualified to CEHF FETAC level 6. Once this 3-week course has been completed, the student will gain UL accredited certification. This allows them to lead music and step aerobics courses. Students will also be qualified to teach more advanced circuit and resistance training.

Being a qualified fitness instructor is a good way to start working in the health and fitness industry. If a career in personal fitness instructing is for you, this qualification is a good start. As courses are very short, getting qualified will be easy to fit into your schedule.

Whether you want to participate in an exercise course, or learn to lead one, there is a course here for everyone. Getting fit while having fun is important. Even more importantly, staying in shape has positive consequences for your whole life. This is especially true when it comes to fighting off disease and staying healthy.

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