Reiki Classes: Learn to Use Healing Life Force Energy

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Reiki classes teach this ancient art of healing. It is often called “laying on hands” and is a technique to restore the recipient’s life force energy. The body has a natural ability to heal itself and a practitioner can facilitate that process. As a practitioner, you channel your life energy to the recipient to restore affected areas.

When you have your life force energy restored, this process opens and connects you to the Reiki energies. Once this occurs, you can perform Reiki on family and friends. While you don’t necessarily need additional, it is helpful to understand techniques and methods of the practice. Continued attunements further open the energy channel to higher levels until you can practice as a master.

Negative thoughts and feelings become attached to a person’s energy. This disrupts your life force energy. As a result, your physical body suffers. The practice of clearing and cleaning a person’s life force helps to heal the energy pathways. Therefore, it promotes well-being in a natural way. Reiki facilitates the recipient’s ability to allow the body to heal itself.

Why Learn Reiki?

We are all more prone to sickness and stressful situations when we have a disrupted life force energy. Learning Reiki lets you help other people feel better. Here is how Reiki can assist:

Stress Reduction

Reiki increases the body’s ability to heal itself opening energy channels. Recipients have reported better sleep and health as well as feelings of peace, tranquillity and harmony.

Balanced Emotions

Recipients may feel calmer and more centred and grounded. As a result, they are better able to respond to everyday stress. They are also able to better able to cope in times of sorrow and distress.

Balanced Mental Capabilities

Reiki can increase mental clarity and reduce mood swings.

Deeper Human Connections

The practice may enhance empathy. It can also strengthen your ability to open up emotionally and more deeply interact with those around you.

Increased Recovery

An important benefit of Reiki is to reduce stress. Therefore, recipients may find that treatments lessen pain from headaches, feelings of fatigue and other conditions.

What to Expect When Learning Reiki

You will learn different Reiki techniques at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Level 1 teaches general information about the practice, history and how the life force passes from giver to receiver. It includes an initial attunement. You will also learn how the life force can work on many levels, including mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

Level 2 grows the understanding of the practice at an intermediate level. You learn how to increase the flow of energy and understand the cause of the blockage, not just the symptom. In addition, you may learn techniques for distance healing. This allows you to open energy channels to someone when they are not with you.

Finally, Level 3 is where you may become a master of the practice. At a masters level, you may teach the practice to others. You could begin receiving master attunements and learn to embody the life force energy. You learn advanced techniques and explore ways to develop your insight and spiritual growth.

Anne Sexton

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