NLP Courses: Success Techniques You Can Use Everyday

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NLP courses, or neuro-linguistic programming courses, teach you to change your perception and the way you behave in a given situation. Our experiences and history help shape the way we think and respond. However, you can  learn to organize your thoughts, language and feelings in a way that improves your performance and outcome. This is what NLP courses teach.

You can use these techniques to remap your thinking and improve your business and personal life. NLP courses teach you to model the performance of successful situations. As a result, you become more in control of difficult situations you may encounter.

Learn these Success Techniques with NLP Courses

Recreate Successful Feelings

Athletes and business people alike use an anchoring technique to recreate a feeling of achievement. You can also use this for most situations. Firstly, you picture a time when you were very happy. Then you associate this with a physical action. Tapping two fingers together or a few pats on your leg are some examples. Take a few minutes each day to repeat this behaviour.

The next time you have a particularly good outcome, repeat the physical action. That reinforces the feelings that come with the action. When you are stressed or nervous about something, do the physical action. The feeling of accomplishment will be triggered in your mind and help your success.

Reduce the Emotional Response

NLP courses teach you to use a technique called framing. This gives you a different perspective on an unpleasant experience. Since experiences shape how we behave in the future, if you want to change future behaviour, learn to think about it in a different way.

Think about a time when we were frustrated or angry. Maybe you had the wrong date for an event or there were no chairs left at a presentation you wanted to attend. Your memory probably has one or two moments of that event. Pick out that moment and remove the emotion from it.

Try picturing that moment as a still point in time, like a photograph. Then change the focus of the picture. Make it black and white, or out of focus in your mind. This should help reduce the emotion. Then think about the good things that came out of the experience. Like you got valuable information or had time for another errand or event. The next time a similar situation arises, you’ll remember the positive experiences instead of being controlled by the negative.

Build Rapport

NLP courses also teach techniques to build trust and a rapport with others. You do this by understanding how someone else views the world. This helps you communicate with anyone. While talking to a person, listen for key words about how they use their senses to learn and experience the world.

Someone who learns best by verbal communication says things like, “I’m listening” and “I hear you.” A person who uses their visual sense will use phrases such as “I see how that works” or “I see where you are going with that.” People who experiences things through physical or tactical means will say “I feel like that is right” or “I have a bad feeling about this.”

You can use these perceptions to communicate your ideas about the topic at hand. It helps you build a rapport with the other person. It also changes your perception of the world. You start to view things from a different angle and understand how others perceive a situation.

These are only a few techniques you learn through NLP courses. There are many other valuable techniques and methods to change the way you think and behave in certain situations. To learn more, check out the NLP courses offered in Ireland using the database.

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