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There are a huge range of French courses available across Ireland, and plenty of good reasons to sign up to one! Over 220 million people speak French and it is one of the six languages officially recognized by the UN. Not only that – French courses, or language courses in general – improve your cognitive skills and overall brain function. So, when you learn a new language, you can exercise your brain and be comfortable when you travel to French-speaking areas.

How it Works

There are several different kids of French courses. There are courses to learn conversational French so you can feel comfortable in your travels, and courses to learn French as a scholastic pursuit. In addition, there are classroom courses, distance courses and blended learning courses. So whether you want a traditional method of learning or something more flexible, you can find a course right for you.

French Courses for Beginners

These French courses teach you the essential vocabulary and grammar you need to converse. You will learn how to interact while speaking French in day-to-day topics.

Some of the conversational topics covered in a beginner’s French course are greetings, names, and introducing yourself. You also learn to order meals, use public transport and other public interactions. In addition, as you learn French, you learn to understand how to handle an emergency and a little about the French culture.

French Courses for Kids

Children learn French by speaking it as much as possible this class. Topics include learning names and greetings, numbers, colours and shapes. Talking about different foods, animals and body parts are included in the course. Kids also learn to follow simple instructions and how to ask questions.

Leaving Certificate French Courses

What better way to get ready for your final examination than in a week-long language immersion programme? Learn new words and phrases, and get a better grasp on your French grammar skills. You also gain confidence for your oral exam and practice your writing skills.

French Level 1

These courses give you more advanced French training as you learn expressions appropriate to a particular contexts. You’ll also learn about French culture and history too.

French Summer School

Spend a week in residence to learn French and develop basic language skills. Speaking, writing and understanding France is part of these courses. Learning about French culture is also included.

French Diploma

Learn higher levels of French communication skills with a diploma in French. You get a variety of practical exercises to hone your oral and written French skills. Continual feedback and assessment are provided so that you can feel confident in your abilities.

There are many opportunities to learn French. Have a look at the range of French courses listed under Languages on the database.

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