Addiction Studies: Learn to Understand and Treat Addiction Disorder

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Addiction Studies is a very important field. You have probably known someone with an addiction or have had one yourself. Most people think of addiction as dependency on a substance such as drugs, alcohol or tobacco. But in recent years, other addictions have been recognized as well. Addictions to social media, shopping or gambling are treatable conditions too.

Courses in addiction studies teach you to understand the reasons for addictions and the treatments available. They also look at the perception of addiction. You will learn that addiction is a disorder rather than a personal failure. You will also examine how addictions are physical and psychological is part of these courses well. Understanding without judgement or criticism is a primary philosophy for this field.

How it Works

If you are interested in this field of study, there are many addiction studies courses in this area.

Introduction Courses

General information about addiction includes identifying signs of the disorder, as well as understanding addiction and its consequences too. Topics also cover how addiction impacts a family and community as well as the individual.

These courses are appropriate for vocational uses and personal understanding. You learn strategies to support your community and individuals experiencing addiction. Education, prevention and treatment are also topics in this type of course. Introduction courses are usually take a few weekends to complete.


These provide broader information about addiction for vocational purposes. Certifications in addiction studies are available through several course programs. If you want to care for, diagnose and treat addiction, look at a certification programme.

Certification courses focus on psychology, social studies and conflict resolution. They also cover case studies and recovery options. A certification in this area prepares you for higher education in fields such as healthcare or counselling.

You can also improve your counselling skills as a teacher, manager or other professional by getting a certification in addiction studies. These certification courses also help you understand social implications and public policy.

Certification courses are generally a year-long programme. There are options for blended learning, online learning and classroom learning.

Third Level Education

You can also earn a diploma, degree and masters qualification in addiction studies. This is for a career as a professional therapist or counsellor.

In higher education programmes, you learn more about addictive behaviours, social and intercultural studies and strategies for youth education. You will also learn how to manage recovery.

A certification in addiction studies helps you in service areas for drug, alcohol and homeless organisations. You can also seek employment in the criminal justice system and healthcare fields with this type of certification.

MA programmes take your understanding of the disorder even further. Here you will explore the various aspects disorder from a scientific and academic viewpoint. You learn more about the cultural, psychological and social implications of addiction. More in-depth coursework, case studies, research and assignments are typical of these courses.

Graduates of MA programmes for addiction studies may continue in academia. This level of study also prepares you for clinical work in the private and public sectors.

Diploma, degree and masters programmes are usually 1 year to 3 or 4 years depending on the qualification you seek.

Addiction studies is an interesting and deep field of study. If your current career would benefit from more knowledge of addiction studies, review the the database.


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