Homeopathy courses: Learn about this Natural Way of Healing

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Do you prefer a more natural way of treating illnesses and diseases? Then homeopathy courses will help you learn about this therapeutic system of treatment.

This natural approach to healthcare has been used for over 200 years. It recognises that each person is a unique individual and can use their own healing abilities to make themselves better. Therefore, a homeopath uses medicine to help stimulate the individual’s healing ability.

The homeopathy system approaches treatment with the belief that symptoms are the body’s way of curing itself. As a result, they believe that the healing response is automatic and the best way to heal. Any medicines should be given in the smallest dose possible as this minimizes side effects.

Learning about Homeopathy

Homeopathic courses all have common topics such as the principles of the practice and the history. Understanding the approach to homeopathy is a key point in these courses. Learning specific remedies for individual symptoms are also primary topics. All homeopathy courses have a few core principles that are critical to the practice:

  • Individuals are treated as such, not as a list of labels
  • Each person has their own healing powers within their body
  • Treatment includes all levels of the individual not just the physical. This includes mental and spiritual treatments
  • Remedies are not addictive or tested on animals. And are only given in the smallest dose possible to be effective

Homeopathy Workshops

Workshops teach you how to care for yourself and your family using homeopathy. Basic first aid is a common theme. In addition, healthy eating and nutrition also are topics for beginning homeopathy courses.

The Bach Flower Remedies courses give you an understanding of negative emotional states  such as loneliness or fear. With the guiding principle of “a healthy mind ensures a healthy body”,  you learn to use the remedies to improve quality of life for the whole family.

Certificate and Professional Training

Certificate Courses

These homeopathy courses build a foundation for homeopathic remedies. If you want more in-depth knowledge, a year-long programme will give you the solid knowledge of homeopathy and its guiding principles. You learn how to evaluate an individual and the appropriate treatment for a symptom. If you wish to become a professional, the one year programme prepares you for that path.

The learning tools for this type of course ranges from lectures and assignments as well as tutorials and study groups.  You will also learn about physiology, anatomy, counseling and ethics. Nutrition always plays a part in this type of course, as does health eating and awareness of toxins and anti-nutrients.

Postgraduate Training

Postgraduate Training is appropriate for practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of the homeopathic approach to healing. Homeopathy courses at this level use a practical learning approach. Using the knowledge gained through lectures and coursework, you can apply your experiences as a practitioner. Plus you also have the opportunity to discuss your difficult cases with other practitioners and skilled homeopaths.

Homeopathy courses teach you the philosophies and approaches to the practice. You also learn methods for evaluating individuals and recommending treatments. Whether you want more knowledge for your own personal use or you want to be a practitioner, you there are courses available. Take a look at the Courses.ie database to find the right homeopathy course for you.

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