What is Logistics & Distribution?

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What is Logistics & Distribution? Logistics and distribution refers to the management, planning, and movement of goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

What is Logistics & Distribution?

It involves the integration and coordination of complex operations including:

  • Transportation – Movements of goods domestically or globally via air, sea, rail, or road. Transportation modes are selected based on speed, costs, and efficiency.
  • Warehousing – Storage of goods, inventory management, materials handling. Warehouses should minimize handling, be cost-efficient, and enable process optimization.
  • Inventory management – Tracking stock levels, controlling inventory costs, managing supply and demand. Strategic control of inventory improves cash flow and service levels.
  • Material handling – Safely and efficiently moving goods using equipment like conveyors, forklifts, and packaging machinery. Automating material handling boosts speed and accuracy.
  • Information flow – Logistics data like order status, shipment locations, and delivery times is shared across supply chain partners. Streamlining information flow enhances coordination.
  • Customer service – Meeting customer delivery expectations cost-effectively. Strong customer service creates satisfaction and loyalty.

Logistics aims to have the right goods delivered in perfect condition, in the proper quantities, to the correct location, on time, and at the lowest cost. Smooth logistics and distribution is vital for business success.

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