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A course in Theology will offer a very distinctive learning experience which will incorporate theology, biblical studies and Christian practice. 

What might I study?

Students of theology courses will be asked to engage with the figurative and literal challenges of ministry. This is achieved through the study of certain themes in biblical, theological and ministerial studies. 

Many Theology courses will include some if not all of the following:

  •     Christian Thinking About God
  •     Jesus the Christ
  •     Pentateuch and Psalms
  •     Critical and Interpretive Issues in the Study of the Gospels
  •     Sages and Prophets in the Context of Israelite History
  •     New Testament Letters and Writings
  •     Anglican Dogmatic Theology
  •     Hermeneutics
  •     Cosmology, Anthropology and the Church
  •     Theology and Ethics
  •     Mission, Culture and Social Context
  •     Pastoral Studies
  •     Liturgy, Worship and Spirituality
  •     Anglican Studies in an Irish Context
  •     Church Leadership Practice and Practicalities

Students of theology might also find that their chosen course will cover:

  •     Ministry for Reconciliation
  •     Church History
  •     Developing New Communities of Faith
  •   Homiletics
  •   Spirituality
  •   Ministerial Formation

Who are these courses for?

Theology courses are suitable for people who have an interest in world religions, their origin and place in contemporary society. Anyone wishing to minister, or become any sort of clergy member might consider taking a course in theology. 

Job Opportunities

After a course in Theology there are many avenues available to the learner. A student of theology might want to further their study to become either a teacher, lecturer or professor of religion or religious theory. You might also wish to become a pastor or minister, a priest or a nun. Other avenues are also available to students of theology such as pastoral care, counselling, social work and other roles within the social sciences and humanities industry.

There are many different courses in theology across the county. They range in skill, education and interest level from hobbyist courses through to phd level. 


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