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What is Women’s Studies?

Women’s Studies courses  focus on the changed and changing roles of women. A women’s studies course will delve into areas of knowledge relevant to women’s lives today. These courses challenge their students to look more introspectively at things like the negative stereotypes of women, female experience and identify values, traditions, practices, and perspectives that can be considered distinctively female.

What will I learn on this course?

Students of a women’s studies course will learn to recognise gender constructions found in all areas of life. This better prepares the student the contemporary world that we all live in now.  Family and work are rapidly changing around gendered issues, including care for children, sexuality, and new definitions of family life and roles. Students of a women’s studies course will be better able to make informed decisions about the debates and concerns underlying changing policies and legislative issues. 

Why Choose This Course

Most courses in women’s studies will introduce the student to the idea of analysing the structural and cultural underpinnings of sexism and women’s inequality.

Other things covered on these courses include:

  • The evaluation of traditional values, traditions, practices, and perspectives historically associated with various groups of women
  • The interrogation of the social construction of women and gender roles
  • The analysis of the historical, political, economic, and cultural structures that have contributed to discriminatory practices regarding gender, sexuality, and intersecting systems of oppression

Benefits of doing a women’s studies course:

  • Enhanced Self-esteem
  • Increased Insight into the topic of Gender Bias
  • Practical Applications in Everyday Life

Women’s studies is a course that should be taken by members of both genders, and focuses on creating a better world with enhanced fairness.

What can I do with one of these courses?

Areas of employment may include:

  • Equal opportunities / equality advisory
  • Research and Education
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Journalism and Information sector
  • Social and Health sector

Depending on the course chosen there are also other avenues of education open to the graduate of a women’s studies course. There are plenty of courses in women’s studies across all levels of education from diploma to PhD. 


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