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Study Science at College: Thinking about studying science at college? Interested in pursuing a career in science?

Now in its 25th year, Science Week 2020 will take place from November 8th to 15th and to mark the event we thought we’d take a look at some of the options that are open to you if you choose to study science in college and pursue a career in science.

When we are young, our natural curiosity exposes us to three strands of science: social – who we are, environmental – where we are, and scientific – what we are, all of which encourages us to explore, investigate and develop an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of the world and environment around us.

This early scientific awareness is then honed in our education sysyem which identifies four strands of the science programme:

  • Living things
  • Materials
  • Energy and forces
  • Environmental awareness and care

Moving on to third-level education, it is convenient to refer to Trinity College’s four entry paths/streams of the science programme:

  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences 
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Geography and Geoscience

Below we take a look at some of the areas of these paths of science that are available for you to study in Ireland.


Physicists are scientists who study the properties of matter and energy and perform experiments, often using extremely advanced equipment, to discover how these mysterious properties work and interact.  

The average salary for a Physicist in Ireland is €40,000



Biochemists study the chemical and physical principles of living things and of biological processes such as cell development, growth, and heredity at the molecular level. It is a lab-based science studying components such as proteins, lipids and organelles that brings together both chemistry and biology in order to understand and solve problems. Biochemistry covers a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. It includes genetics, microbiology, forensics, plant science and medicine.

The average salary for a Biochemist in Ireland €35,505.



A chemist searches for new knowledge about chemicals and uses it to improve the way we live. He or she may develop products such as synthetic fibers, drugs, and cosmetics. Chemists create processes, including oil refining and petrochemical processing, that reduce energy use and pollution.

They specialize in areas such as analytical, organic, inorganic, physical and theoretical, macromolecular, medical, and materials chemistry.

The average salary for a Chemist in Ireland is €38,670.



Conservation officers work on preserving and enhancing habitats in urban and rural areas. The Wildlife Trusts in both Northern and the Republic of Ireland provide a limited number of graduate opportunities in the protection of wildlife and countryside habitats and in promoting biodiversity. Often, graduates working with these organisations also have an educational role. Many graduates will find their job prospects significantly enhanced by travelling abroad or by doing voluntary work.

The average salary for a Conservationist in Ireland is  €31,429.


Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists identify hazards to the environment or to the health of the earth’s inhabitants, such as pollution. They also help create solutions to protect the environment by eliminating these hazards, or at least decreasing their harmful effects.

The average salary for an Environmental Scientist in Ireland is €30,756.



Astronomers study the structures in space, including stars, planets, galaxies and black holes. They research the properties, movements and compositions of these objects and carefully record and analyze data.

The average salary for an Astronomer in the United Kingdom is £45,000. 


Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientists study crime scenes, run scientific tests and provide impartial evidence to be used in a court of law. They employ cutting-edge technology and scientific theory to search for clues and aid police investigations.

The average salary for a Forensic Scientist in Ireland is €36,892.



Geoscientists study the Earth’s structures, composition, processes and all of its physical properties. By learning more about our planet, these scientists can better understand the past and predict future changes in the Earth. Within the discipline of geosciences, there are many specialties, including: geology, geochemistry, geophysics, petroleum geology, seismology, oceanography, paleontology and engineering geology. 

The  average salary for a Geologist is €40,318 in Ireland.



A hydrologist is a scientist who researches the distribution, circulation, and physical properties of the earth’s underground and surface waters. They help environmental and other scientists preserve and clean up the environment, as well as search for groundwater.

The average salary for a Hydrologist in Ireland is €36,792. 


Medical Scientist

A medical scientist studies diseases and conditions with the goal of improving human health. Through research, he or she determines the causes of diseases and then develops ways to prevent or treat them.

The average salary for a Medical Scientist in Ireland is €35,039.



Psychologists apply psychological theories, models and research to a range of psychological, psychiatric, mental health and developmental problems.

The average salary for a Psychologist in Ireland is €42500.


These are just some of the paths into a career in science – if you are interested in studying a these subjects and similar in college, check out our list of science courses here & here. We also have post grad level course listed here.



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