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Should you take a German language course? About 95 million people worldwide speak German. It is one of the major international languages and very important for working and doing business in Europe. With a variety of courses available, across a range of different ability levels, there is absolutely the right German course for you.

The European Language Framework

German courses use the European Language Framework. In this framework, A1 is the lowest, and C1 is the highest level.

A1 is for complete beginners, who have never spoken a word of German before. There are a number of German courses available for students who want to begin here, where students can learn in their own time, with other complete beginners. Around 75 hours of study should be enough to reach this level.

A2 will give learners the ability to hold basic conversations. This is the perfect level for people looking to learn enough German to enjoy a holiday abroad, or visit for work. Only 150 hours of German study should be sufficient to achieve A2 level.

B1 is ideal if you want to spend a month or so speaking German abroad. Likewise, B2 is a step up. A B2 user is able to hold conversations without great difficultly. With enough study, you can achieve this level very quickly – 300 hours, which is less than an hour a day over 12 months.

Level C1 is enough German for a student to be able to move to Germany and reasonably be able to work in a German-speaking environment.

I would just like to brush up on my grammar or speaking. Can I do just that?

Of course you can. With courses centering just on the nuts and bolts of grammar, or on getting your conversation sparkling, you can learn what you need to, in your own time. There are even German courses on offer which allows you to focus on the culture of Germany, so you can brush up on your Goethe without having to conjugate verbs every night before bed.

There are a number of German courses to choose from on the Courses.ie database. Find the right one for you today.

Anne Sexton

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