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The ECDL is the European Computer Driving Licence. This is the best way to get into the information age for beginners. Whether you want to brush up on your computer skills for personal use or to get a new job, an ECDL course is a fantastic idea.

What is the ECDL?

The ECDL represents a benchmark standard for all IT users. ECDL holders are certified in using computers, the internet and Microsoft Office tools. These include Word (for word-processing) and Excel (for spreadsheets). There are 3 different levels of qualification.

The base modules in ECDL courses, which teach users the absolutely basics of using a computer help get students started. The ECDL covers the computer and online essentials. For example, learning to start your computer, connecting to the internet, and navigating with ease. You will also learn to use email and social media to keep in touch for work and pleasure. With basic modules in word processing and spreadsheets as well as basic computer theory, the base level is great for new IT users looking to get started.

The intermediate levels, for people who can manage all the above take your skills to the next step. This includes creating presentations and learning all about working on the internet (including a basic cyber security course to learn to protect yourself). The intermediate ECDL course also teaches planning, editing and graphic design skills to new users. There are also additional modules in education, marking and health systems. This means that students can come away with all the skills needed to use IT as part of their daily lives.

The highest level of the ECDL course incorporates most of these aspects. It allows students to gain advanced proficiency in all regular IT tools.

How do I know if ECDL course will keep me up to date?

The ECDL has been fully redesigned for the modern era,. It had a major overhaul in 2014, bringing all the classes up to date with the latest technology. While it is true that it only takes around 18 months for new technology to become obsolete, the skills that you learn from taking an ECDL course will mean that it is easy to move on. Once you understand how the technology works, it is easy to keep learning. Computers are logical devices, and modern software is highly intuitive. Once you have learned how to use it, you can continue to grow with the technology.

Am I too old to learn about computers? 

It’s true that before IT came along, the world did just fine. But in this day and age, almost everyone uses computers. Children as young as 3 or 4 are completely computer literate, often using tablets and the internet to entertain themselves. Anyone looking to retrain for a modern job, or even go back to work part time is almost guaranteed to come into contact with a computer at some point. Therefore, making sure you know what to do is important.

An ECDL course is a fantastic addition to anyone’s CV. It is easy to achieve. It will make a lot of difference to almost anyone, especially computer users lacking in confidence. Bring out the IT genius inside of you with any one of the ECDL courses on offer in the database.

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  1. Maria Luz Barrio 12/03/2019 at 13:41

    Can you please, let me know if is there any courses on line to learning typing and the ECDL ,I would like going to classess.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Gemma Creagh 20/03/2019 at 16:09

      Hello Maria,

      We actually have a number of options online for you to choose from:

      Hope you enjoy the course,


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