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Do you have a great idea?

Script writing (or screenwriting) is turning a story into a screenplay. Have you always wanted to write for stage or screen? Do you have a great idea for a play or television series but don’t have the skill set to put it all down on paper? 

If you answered yes to those questions then maybe a script writing course could be the right move for you! 

What is script writing? 

The prospect of tackling a script can be a daunting prospect, you might have the ability to write a decent short story or maybe even have the literary chops to have tackled a novel, but writing a script is an entirely different beast altogether. How do you get the idea you have in your head onto paper and in the form of a dialogue rich script? 

In your script you must have the ability to describe and layout the movement, actions, expressions of the actors, you must write conversation between characters in dialogue format, and you must include descriptions of physical presence, camera and lighting movements, sound etc. Screenplay format is used to express the story visually. The scriptwriter must be able to describe how they want the actor to externalize a character’s internal motivations. They must be able to tell a story visually, and they must learn how to use the globally accepted screenplay format.

Learning outcomes for script writing students

In most script writing classes, the outcome will be to enable the learner to develop an idea and produce a workable script. You will be taught the basics of how to seek funding for your project, and how to negotiate your way into the highly competitive film/tv and theatre industries. You will learn how to develop new and original ideas as well as expanding on any existing ideas you might already have. 

Pursuing a course in script writing will give you the basics of how to craft a script successfully and how to develop characters for stage and screen. Most courses will also teach you the correct layout and format for scripts that are universally accepted and how to turn the written word into a visual experience. 

You will gain an understanding of how the industry works, and how to self promote your work and network. 


Students embarking on a script writing course will, in general, already have their goal in mind. What engaging with a class will do is hone your existing writing skills and teach you new techniques to apply to your project. Completion of a course will enable the learner to develop their ideas and produce a workable screenplay that they can then begin to try to sell. Alternatively they could begin working on and developing it themselves as a play, tv project, or independent movie project. The learner will gain knowledge of an industry that may have been elusive to them before the course and will gain an understanding of funding, and networking and its importance within this particular area of expertise. 

Upon completion of a course, a student may even be able to acquire a job as a staff writer, across a whole host of platforms such as, television, comedy, radio shows, film, video games, and now even online web series. 


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