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Looking for a fun way to socialise and keep fit?

A class in Ballroom dancing might be the perfect thing for you if you are looking for a fun way to socialise in the evening, a different and inventive way to surprise your partner or loved one, or fit some extra activity and exercise into your life. 

The practice of ballroom dance, is a style of dancing that is performed by couples and adheres to prescribed steps. 

Historically, ballroom dancing was distinguished from local folk or country dances because of its close association with the upper classes. 

In recent years, however, ballroom dance is practiced around the globe and across all social brackets and in all societal spheres. It can be practiced in many different contexts including performance, professional dance competitions, public dance events, formal invitational events and dance exhibitions and shows. 

Types of Ballroom Dancing

Due to the popularity of certain television shows, there has been a dramatic increase in the uptake and interest in ballroom dancing classes. People from all walks of life are engaging in local classes and are enjoying the social and competitive nature of ballroom dancing. While there are many different styles of dance, generally there are 12 accepted types of ballroom dance, these are as follows:


The Bolero isa slow rhythmic dance, and requires very graceful and deft movements from both partners.


This is extremely energetic and comprises lots of turns and spins for both partners. 

Cha Cha

This dance places an emphasis on concise and fast foot and leg actions.


This is a fast dance and entails lots of body actions which are accentuated by the Latin music.


This is a sensual dance with lots of hip and body action, the Rumba is often referred to as “Cuban motion”


Dancing The foxtrot will see dancers smoothly glide across the floor with lots of intricate footwork.


This dance is an intense and dramatic dance. It comprises lots of swift precise movements and mostly will be danced with bent knees for the duration of the dance.


The Waltz is a very elegant and slow dance. It incorporates an intensity of  motion by both partners. 

Viennese Waltz

This is a slightly quicker version of the waltz and it incorporates continuous turning around the floor.

Why Join A Class? 

Ballroom dancing is not only a fantastic way to socialise within your local area, but it is also a great and fun way to maintain your fitness. Dancing is all about joy and having fun, and ballroom dancing is the perfect portal to add a little movement and entertainment to your routine. 

It can also serve as a great way to spend some quality time with your partner or loved one and maybe even reconnect or rekindle that spark. 

It can even be a fun activity for a group of friends to partake in, or something different to learn to incorporate into a wedding, engagement, anniversary or birthday party. 

There are plenty of ballroom dance classes available at the moment, so why not sign up and take a spin around the floor? 


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