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Reflexology is the theory that pressure on the hands and the feet can cure all problems with the body. It is a holistic treatment that many people use for stress relief. People who complete a course in Reflexology can become licenced therapists and offer holistic treatments to clients. Dating back through history, Reflexology has long been believed to deal with everyday problems and aches. When used as part of a range of alternative treatments, it can help people relax and feel better about themselves.

Reflexology Course is perfect for anyone who wants to try something different!

What is Reflexology?

While reflexology remains a mystery to many, it is believed that areas on the human foot correspond to areas inside the body. This means that in theory, internal ailments can be solved by pressing the outside of the foot. This has roots in Eastern Mysticism, as it believes the foot can help improve the Qi. According to reflexologists, the body is divided into ten different zones. All of the zones are equal. Some are divided vertically, with different areas on the left and right. The Qi is said to be the invisible life force in Chinese medicine. Improving the Qi will therefore improve health and wellbeing all round.

While Reflexology was introduced to the US in 1913, it is suggested that it dates back to ancient times. Both the ancient Chinese and Egyptians had similar practices documented in the past. While there is no evidence at all that Reflexology works in a medical setting, it can be very relaxing to experience. It is much like a foot massage and can help people feel better when stressed. Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy. In Denmark in 2005, 21.4% of people said that they had used Reflexology before. In 2007, 5.6% of the population said that they had experienced a treatment during the previous year.

Is it an alternative to being a doctor?

No. It is important to note that reflexology cannot cure any physical problems and should not be advertised as doing so. Reflexology is a wonderful and relaxing treatment that can helps with everyday problems however, and can, in conjunction with professional medical care, help the mental wellbeing of patients suffering from serious illness. It should be noted that if advertising alternative medicine as a valid form of treatment can lead to prosecution.

However, a career in holistic medicine can be rewarding, especially for people who enjoy helping others. Working as reflexologist allows you to help others relax and de-stress. Alternative medicine can often help with a range of common maladies however, so as long as you don’t try to cure cancer, you will be able to do a lot of good for your clients.

What can I do after I finish?

Once you have completed Reflexology Course, you are qualified to work as a holistic therapist. If you enjoyed the course, you could consider taking another similar subject, such as massage or aromatherapy. Holistic therapy is currently very popular and qualified technicians are in demand. If you would like to continue your studies in an unrelated field, that is ok too. A certificate qualification is often accepted by potential universities. This is very useful if you would like to progress to an undergraduate degree.

No matter what reason you would like to take a Reflexology Course, with a wide range of flexible options. If Reflexology is something you’ve been interested in for a while, or your true calling, don’t miss out on the chance to learn to do something different!

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