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Equine Studies

If horse racing is the sport of kings, then working with horses must be regal by default. A course in Equine Studies could help you ascend to royalty. Ireland particularly has a long history of producing some of the finest racing horses in the world, and the opportunity to help train the next winner could be yours.

Taking a certificate course in Equine Studies is a good choice for anyone that wants to work with horses on a day-to- day basis. Horses are intelligent and complex animals that require high-level care and a detailed exercise routine, regardless of whether they are professional animals or not. Learning to care for horses is a skill that anyone can pick up at any point in life – so if you are thinking of a career change, or would like to do something different, a course in Equine Studies can work for you.

How can I study a horse?

Obviously, there are many different aspects of working with horses. Choosing the one that is most interesting to you will help you to decide which course is the right one. With aspects like husbandry, nutrition and even business to incorporate into your course, there is sure to be something on an Equine Studies course that interests any student. Of course, if you just want to work with horses in any capacity, that is fine too. The skills taught on courses like this incorporate topics like:

  • Equine psychology. Knowing if your horse is happy and well is important. Learning to spot the signs helps both you and your horse.
  • Equine behaviour. Learning to identify and respond to the behaviour of horses will help to prevent problems. Horses are extremely intelligent animals, with complex emotions. They have much more advanced behaviour than many other animals, so behaviour management is often required.
  • Proper Exercise. As horses are such large animals, which would normally run long distances in a single day, a proper exercise routine is very important.

Once you have learned the essentials of caring for horses (or maybe just your horse), you can use these skills in the job market. Some courses do offer more in-depth training. Choosing the course that is right for you depends entirely on what you intend to do with the certificate after you have completed your studies.

What sort of things can I expect to do with this qualification?

Successful graduates who have their certificates in Equine Studies can expect a job working within the industry. Whether it is caring for horses, or running a stable, depends on what you want to do. Ireland boasts many of the premier equine sports facilities in the world, and people come from as far away the Emirates in order to take advantage of the world class care. If working with horses is something that you are passionate about, there are few better places in the world to train and work than Ireland.

If your studies for this certificate have sparked your interest and you would like to study to become a vet, then this qualification will demonstrate you are a strong candidate to study on an undergraduate degree. If you want to study a totally unrelated course at a university, this qualification will demonstrate an academic record to potential universities. Of course, if you just want to take the course in order to care for your own horses, then that’s fine too. Whatever the reason for taking a course in Equine Studies, it can lead to a great and rewarding life with one of the most amazing animals in the entire world.

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