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Improve the health of your CV with a Nursing course!

Working as a nurse is a difficult but incredibly rewarding career. Looking after the ill and playing a vital part in their birth, recovery or rehabilitation is an amazing job. It is also a job that requires extensive training and dedication, however.

If this seems like a career choice that you would be interested in, then consider a course in nursing. With more than 100 courses available to choose from, at many levels, there is sure to be something available that will help you on your path to making an enormous difference to people’s lives on a daily basis.

How can I become a nurse?

With one of our courses! First, you need to decide what level you would like to study at. Then, once you are qualified, you can head out into the world of work and begin a long and successful career.


Nursing diplomas are the lowest level of qualification available. This is ideal for someone first starting out on their road to an education, or as a skills refresher for experienced nurses who have already been working for some time.


Gaining an undergraduate degree is normally the minimum level at which employers will consider you for a job. They are much longer than diploma courses, normally lasting for several years, and require extensive experience in order to complete. They will cover almost all the aspects of nursing and provide an excellent platform for students to continue their education at a higher level.


The highest level of qualification for nurses, these are normally short, yet intensive courses that allow nurses to specialise in a specific discipline within nursing.

At any level, nursing students can expect to learn:

  • The history of nursing, and its evolution over time.
  • A knowledge of healthcare in the Republic of Ireland, and the functions of the healthcare service. This also includes the structure and different branches of the service.
  • The different specialities that nurses can choose, and the disciplines of healthcare that they belong to.
  • The process of nursing a patient
  • An understanding and an appreciation of the different care models available in modern medicine.
  • Proper understanding of etiquette and ethics within nursing
  • An understanding of proper communication in care.
  • The role of a career in the workplace
  • Health and safety rules, both from a medical and workplace standpoint.
  • Familiarity with the terminology of medicine and nursing
  • Practical skills required for the job.
    o These include typical nursing duties, as well as some basic medical procedures that are required, such as taking blood and performing checks and triage.

What can I expect to do when I am finished?

On completing a nursing course, your job prospects will be directly linked to the level at which you studied. With courses that run from just a few weeks to several years, the amount of experience that you have acquired will be important.

All courses will qualify you to work as a nurse to some degree. You can expect to work in the field in which you have specialised, be it midwifery or palliative care. You will have the chance to work in an exciting job that will offer you the chance to make a real difference to everyone you come into contact with.

With courses designed to fit into an existing work schedule, there really is no reason not to enroll today, and follow your passion. A course in nursing can lead to a fulfilling career, and with so many options available, there is sure to be one that is perfect for your needs.

Kevin Branigan

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  1. Preciate Longwe 23/02/2021 at 09:27

    Do you have a space for trainning as a nurse ?which classes are available?How do l pay for the course?When does the course start?

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