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Excel in your career with a course in Microsoft Excel!

Almost all of us have heard of Microsoft Word and are familiar with how to use it. It has become an essential part of nearly every workplace in the modern era. Most of us have also heard of Microsoft Excel, the advanced spread-sheeting program that also forms part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Unlike Word, however, far fewer people are able to use the complex and powerful functions presented in Excel. Learning to harness its power can help your career take a step forward. Proving to employers that you are an expert is as simple as a short course and can often make an enormous difference to people in the crucial early stages of the employment process.

Why should I consider a course in Microsoft Excel?

While not as ubiquitous to the workplace as Word, Excel still plays a vital role in most contemporary offices and workplaces. If you have not taken an all-inclusive course such as the European Computer Driving Licence, then you may not have had the exposure to Excel required to handle its advanced features.

On the other hand, if you already know how to use the program at a reasonable level but would like the opportunity to refresh your skill set before taking the Microsoft Office Master qualification (or MOM), to prove to employers that you are a proficient IT user, then a course like this could be perfect.

What will I learn?

An Excel course is designed to be able to communicate the practical skills that you will need if you want to become familiar with the setup of Microsoft Excel. Its user interface is much less intuitive than that of Word. Students will be provided with a copy of Excel 2013, the first edition of the software to use the current interface.

Students will learn to use the many different algorithms and mathematical functions that Excel provides. They will familiarise themselves with the user interface and learn how to create, format and operate stylish, professional spreadsheets. With a team of highly qualified teachers guiding the education process, the student will have the opportunity to learn how to use Microsoft Excel in a nurturing environment, with support on hand whenever it is needed. With a wide variety of different Excel courses on offer, there is sure to be a course that fits the needs of almost every student.

What can I expect to do after I finish?

Once you have qualified in Microsoft Excel, there are many different options available for graduates looking to use their new-found skills.

If you have enjoyed the course and would like to learn more about the other Microsoft Office products, then consider taking a course to move closer to gaining MOM certification with Word and Access, the powerful database tool. When you have gained enough experience with all the elements of Microsoft Office, then you will be able to qualify as a MOM and prove to employers you are a competent IT user.

If you have not yet taken an ECDL course and would like to familiarise yourself with other important functions of a computer, including email and internet usage, then you will also be well suited to begin an ECDL qualification.

If you work in a workplace that uses Excel heavily, you will be perfectly qualified to move onwards with your career, as you will understand the complexities of the programme. With so many different courses available for students to consider, there is no reason not to take the opportunity to gain an incredibly useful new skill and improve their working conditions.

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    Hi, I want to know about the courses in excel and the timing for morning and evening sessions and the fees too and how long it takes to complete the courses

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