Life’s a céilí, so take an Irish Dancing course!

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Life’s a céilí, so take an Irish Dancing course!

Traditional Irish dancing is famous across the world, thanks to folk tales and Michael Flatley. Dancing is a great way to have fun and keep in shape, as well as connect with your roots, so consider an Irish Dance class a must for anyone interested in the proud heritage of the nation of Ireland.

It has been popularised by Hollywood Cinema, and centuries of folk legends. It has even been immortalised by Ed Sheeran (although that might not be something to be proud of). Irish dance festivals are very popular and take place regularly throughout the year.

What is Irish Dancing?

Surprisingly, it is much more closely related to traditional English dancing than it is to Highland Dancing, which is what most people think of when it comes to comparing it to other styles. It also has roots in traditional French dance, most notably, the quadrille. The music however, is much closer to Highland dancing, with plenty of bagpipes and flutes, as well as drums.

Traditional Irish dances include a style called Céilí (pronounced Kayleigh, like the name). They are the traditional ‘table top’ style that many Hollywood films have come to associate with Irish dancing. Irish Set Dancing is another popular style that is a combination of popular sean-nós steps and traditional music.

It forms a strong part of Irish culture and is one of the most immediately identifiable aspects of Ireland for foreigners.

Why should I take a course?

There are many reasons to take Irish Dancing Course. It could be because you want to find an interesting way to keep fit that doesn’t involve going to a dark, sweaty gym for hours at a time. Dancing is a particularly good workout, as it involves moving almost all of the body, at a high intensity, which will lead to comparatively fast weight loss, as well as toning of the muscles used.

People might choose to take a course in traditional Irish dancing because they are interested in connecting with their heritage. Folk dancing, and the traditional music that accompanies it as is an excellent way to get in touch with your roots. Folk dancing has been an important part of the Irish national identity for centuries.

Other people might be interested in simply doing something fun and different. After all, not everyone can say that they have trained as an Irish dancer and being able to show off is never a bad thing.

It also teaches good co-ordination and teamwork skills, which are excellent transferrable skills for general life.

What can I do when I am finished?

If dance is your passion, and you are a talented dancer, it may be possible to put your skills to use by auditioning to be a professional dancer. This is often quite difficult to achieve however.

If you are looking to continue to dance as a way to stay in shape, then go out and join a regular Irish dance society. These dance societies often meet regularly and put on public displays which are a fun way to show off everything that you have learned on a course.

It doesn’t matter why you choose to take an Irish Dancing Course, you are sure to have a world of fun, as well as making new friends and learning an impressive new skill. With a range of courses across the country, there are plenty of opportunities to go out and have an amazing time while also staying in great shape.

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