Decorate your CV with a Nail Art Course

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Decorate your CV with a Nail Art Course

Nail art is one of the hottest trends in health and beauty at the moment. Having amazing nails is a really important part of looking your best and knowing how to do that can make you an amazing friend, or a highly sought-after professional.

What is nail art?

If you don’t know what nail art is, then you’re missing out. Using amazing nails (whether natural or acrylic) and anything from nail polish to sequins, to glitter to paper, you can create amazing pictures on the ends of your fingers. Dazzle, amaze and inspire clients and friends all over Ireland, and maybe even the world.

What will I learn on a nail art course?

Obviously, exactly what you will learn on a Nail Art Course depends entirely on the course that you choose to take, but most courses have common elements.

On an average course, you can expect to learn about:

  • The nail business. Learning all about the field you want to go in to will help you know what to expect. Learn about the life of a professional nail technician and what you will be required to do in most jobs.
  • The anatomy of a nail. To get the most out of a nail, you need to really understand what one is. Learn about keratin, nail growth and how to help keep nails healthy.
  • How to manicure. Manicuring nails is like an artist preparing a canvas for painting. Learn how to manicure both fingernails and toenails in order to make sure your art really stands out, and that at the end of your session, those nails look as good as they possibly can.
  • Nail art. At last! The fun part! Unleash your inner Picasso and create some stunning nail designs on willing subjects!
  • How to treat nails. Keeping nails in good condition is important to make sure that when clients pay good money, your hard work isn’t ruined the next day.

To work as a nail artist, you will also need to be good at talking, as you’ll have to chat to customer to pass the time – this isn’t a field for reclusive geniuses. At the end of course, you will be able to do everything required of a top-quality nail technician, so go out and change the world, one design at a time!

What can I do once I finish?

If you want to be the most popular friend in your group, then use your new-found nail art powers to make all your friends bling from cuticle to tip. Get as creative as you like and make sure your entire squad is on fleek.

If you want to go on and make a career out of it, whether on YouTube, which hosts thousands of nail artists videos, or in a salon, you can. Depending on the level of qualification (and talent!), you may be able to find work in a beauty salon and start booking customers who want the best nails in town. The type of job you will be able to obtain depends entirely on the level of qualification you attain, so make sure that you find a qualification that most beauty salons will accept.

Whatever the reason you want to take a course in nail art, we have a course that’s perfect for you. The best part of nail art courses, is that they’re generally very short, meaning if you don’t have much time, you will still be able to take a course. Distance learning options are also available for people unable to reach a college or local educational centre.

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