Get to know Man’s Best Friend with a Dog Training Course

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Why Choose a Dog Training Course?

As puppy fever takes over Ireland, it’s important for people to ensure their pooches are well-behaved. Dog-friendly bars, restaurants and cafés are popping up all over the nation. Numerous American tech companies even allow four-legged fluff balls to join their owners at work. And as for in the professional world, the role of dogs is more significant than it has ever been; dogs are being utilised in mental health treatment, therapies, crowd control, detection and policing. Our canine friends play such an important part in our society, but who trains the trainers? Learn all about this interesting area with a dog training course.

Medical Benefits of Dogs

Whether it’s for your career or as your furry best friend, having canines in your life will improve it beyond measure. Studies have shown that having regular interactions with dogs is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and decreased triglyceride levels. This contributes to improved overall cardiovascular health, meaning fewer heart attacks. It’s not just the heart, the head benefits too; dogs lower anxiety in their humans, increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine. These two neurochemicals are vital for maintaining calm and wellbeing. Thinking of your family? Living with a dog not only lowers a child’s chance of becoming allergic to pets by up to 33 percent, it boosts their immune system. And when taking into consideration the fact that people performing stressful tasks do better when there’s a dog around, why not consider…

Dog Training as a Career

Dog training is a rewarding job but make sure you consider your options carefully before leaping in. The professional arena is diverse; it can be competitive when searching for jobs, even if you are qualified. So be honest. If you are only considering this role because you like to play with pooches, your best option would be to get one yourself. Or better yet, rescue one. If your living situation doesn’t allow for this, there are shelters around the country in need of volunteers.

However, if you are committed to a career with canines, it’s important to do your research and set clear goals. While it’s great to start with basic obedience training, you should consider specialising in a specific area. There are many different types of dog trainers; it’s up to you to decide which role best suits you and your interests. Many people go on to work with seeing-eye dogs or even become dog handlers on a film or TV set. Search for related courses now.

People Person

Dog training courses are as much about teaching people are they are about teaching dogs. Many of the ‘bold’ behaviours that a dog adapts are due to the habits of their human. The study of canine psychology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Punishment and negative associations often create unwanted behaviours in a pooch. It’s up the trainers to address misconceptions and re-educate the owners. For instance, pushing a dog’s face into their ‘accident’ is now known to be bad practice. Instead, it’s essential to reward dogs when they are behaving well and to teach other dog owners to do the same.

Choosing a Dog Training Course

Whether you hope to pursue a career in dog training, or even if you just want to be a responsible pet owner, it’s vital to learn from a reputable school or training centre. Choose somewhere with a recognised certification and don’t be afraid to check reviews, read testimonials and even chat to the tutors. When our fluffy companions do so much for us, the least we can do is look after them as best we can.


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