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Political science is the study of politics and people, and how their relationship affects each other. It is a vital cog of the political machine.

What is political science?

Political science is a school of social science that looks at systems of government and then uses information to accurately analyse the effects of policy and political action upon the people who are affected by it.

It is a deeply theoretical subject, which is centred around theory and analysis of government. Political science examines the underlying connections between political thought and the reciprocal relationship between economic effects and the influence it has on people’s personal beliefs.

There are many different schools of political science, including

  • Economics. This study the effect of national finance on the people who experience it, and how it shapes their votes
  • International Relations. The relationships between different nations can have a major effect on life within them, as Ireland is all too aware. It also focuses on international collaborative efforts, such as the European Union and the United Nations.
  • It is also related to various other fields of study, including history, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and geography. It also contains strong elements of law and sociology.

What can I expect to learn in Political Science Courses?

Exactly what you learn depends on what course you take, but most courses will have common elements.

Most Political Science Courses will encourage student to closely examine the connections between people and politics, in relation to issues both at home and abroad. In Ireland, this will take a special look at the turbulent domestic history over the last hundred years, and the effects of policy upon the country.

At diploma level, a political science course will provide a look into the subject. It will cover the most important aspects of political science while looking at parts of the wider picture. If you are interested in modern history, and in helping to alleviate the issues that have occurred over time. These issues have deeply affected the societies in which we live today, as well as shaping out political structure and the public policies that go along with them.

These courses are also suitable for people who would like to go on and teach the subject themselves (although an additional teaching qualification will also be required to work in schools).
Political science also promotes such skills as critical thinking, in order to make the most of potential opportunities, and to properly explore solutions to existing problems. It will also promote good research skills, which are the foundation of any good scientist, regardless of the specific field.

What can I do when I finish?

Exactly what you are qualified to do will obviously depend on the course that you have taken, but most qualified political scientists can expect to work in some governmental context.

  • Think Tanks, who come up with policy suggestions for the government often employ political scientist to test the effects of their proposals.
  • Equally, political parties themselves require political scientists for a variety of different reasons
  • Academics often require social scientists, and it is a good way to get into higher-level teaching, should you wish to teach at a college or university level.

If you have an interest in studying political science, then we have a course that is right for you. With a range of locations, including distance learning. Take the first step to making your passion a reality and sign up for a political science course as soon as you want to!

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