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Professional Training Centre

Alma Road, Monkstown,, Dublin, Ireland. Eircode: A94 YW82

The Professional Training Centre provides a diverse range of corporate training courses. Enquire via today.

Professional Training Centre is a modern consultancy, helping individuals and corporations to grow and succeed through personal development and professional skills development. Each of their trainers is an expert in their field, with a sterling reputation and years of experience, making them unique in Ireland. Together, they represent over 150 years of experience in fields including presentation skills, sales training, hospitality skills, health and safety qualifications, and resilience and wellbeing. Through a commitment to continuous development, and excellent customer service, PTC develop relationships with clients to allow them to help them at any stage of their professional career.

Cyber-Security Training

This Cyber-Security Training course is delivered in partnership with TechGuard as a series of short modules for employees, although an optional extra module is available for Executives and board members. Course topics include: GDPR training USB Attack Ransomware Email Spoofing Social Engineering Strong Passwords Safe Web Browsing Social Media Best Practices Credit Card Security Handling…

Digital Marketing, Social Media Standards, Virtual Exhibiting and Networking

This course has one very simple purpose – to enable you to develop a great web presence for your brand. Digital marketing continues to grow as an area of major importance for brands, and with our help your business can grow along side it. Especially with the advent of Covid and the effective closure of…

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This course focuses on developing inclusive leadership skills, and identifying and raising awareness of the impact that inherent biases have on the dialogue between team members. Course topics include: What is – or is not – Diversity and Inclusion The social, moral, and economic value of inclusiveness Dispelling the myths around Diversity, Inclusion, and Identity…

Finance, Banking, and Risk Management

This Finance course covers the essentials of Risk Management, Strategic Thinking, and Strategic Planning, under the guidance of a world-recognised expert in the field, Ron Mendes. Topics covered include: Risk Management in ‘The New Normal’ and post-Covid strategising Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Scenario Planning Basic personnel based Risk Management Financial planning for non-finance managers…

Hospitality Industry Training

This Hospitality Industry Training course is designed to guide a team through their complete immersion in internationally recognised Hospitality standards, and how to execute their work consistently at the highest level. Course topics include: Customer Relations Greeting Guests Plate Service Napkin Folding Sales Techniques Silver Service Table Setting Taking Orders and other interactions Manual Handling…

Interpersonal and Organisational Communication

This course is designed to provide the participant with a selection of Communication skills and positive vocal techniques that will allow them to communicate with greater impact by using their voice to command a listener’s attention, influence their perception of your ideas, and add gravitas and confidence. Topics covered include: Customer and Client Communication Internal…

Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Skills is a course run by Professional Training Centre, Dublin. It is a Online Learning course with a duration of Half day-Full day. Negotiation Skills gives a Course Qualification of Certificate of Attendance. For more information about Negotiation Skills at Professional Training Centre, please review the details below.
Resilience and Well-being in the workplace

This programme supports individuals and teams to develop the resilience skills to cope with stress, as well as enabling them to become more engaged, positive, and productive. It is an interactive session including breakouts and the opportunity to share best practice. The course is equally effective from graduates up to director level. We all encounter…

Start Your Own Business

This Start Your Own Business course is designed to inform participants about the tools, strategies, and approaches they will need to cultivate – or to avoid – to help make their business a success. It focuses on critical business management functions, as well as the facilitation of strategic thinking and development. Course topics include: Developing…

Tendering for Business

This 2 day Tendering for Business course covers nine key areas, and shares our expertise – along with an 85% win rate – with you and your team. Two experts guide you through the process of understanding the mind of the buyer, and the technical process of writing a successful tender. Course topics include: Understanding…


Professional Training Centre
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