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Score a slam dunk with a course in Basketball!

Although not very popular in the UK and Ireland, Basketball is one of the world’s favourite sports. Played by two teams of five players each, the aim is to bounce a ball from one end of the court to another, and then shoot it through a hoop to score points. It is also an Olympic sport, with one of the most hotly contested medals of every Games.

It is a very high cardio sport and requires a strong level of physical fitness to play. Basketball stars in the NBA, the American professional league, are often amongst the highest paid sportsmen in the world. Basketball is also very popular across much of Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia. This is in no small part down to the fact that it is fairly simple to play, and does not require much specialist equipment, apart from the hoops.

The history of Basketball

Invented in 1891 by a Canadian, Dr. James Naismith, basketball is a fast-paced, high-scoring game. Players score regularly, often several times per minute. The game grew in popularity thanks to become a staple sport in the American College (University) system, and quickly developed into a professional sport. By 1920, the sport had gone professional across the United States, and in 1946, the BAA (the forerunner to the NBA) was founded, drawing together the best teams of the time into a competitive league format.

Basketball quickly became even more successful, and now regularly boasts the highest paid, most popular sportsman in both the United States and the entire world. It is the second most popular sport in the US, but by far the most popular of the American sports – even more so than baseball, which is widely enjoyed in Asia and the Caribbean.

What are the benefits of playing basketball

Anyone who has played basketball can tell you how much fun the sport is to play. It is a great mix of skills, with throwing, catching, running, strength and fitness all playing a part in the success of the best players.

As well as that, there are obvious health benefits available to players. With a strong emphasis on cardio, a game of basketball is an excellent workout. It has all the benefits of running, combined with the added benefits of aerobics and strength and conditioning. It is an excellent full body workout and will leave regular players looking and feeling in fantastic shape.

I don’t want to become a professional, why should I take a course in basketball?

Even if you don’t dream of the bright lights of the NBA, a course in basketball can help you to improve skills that will have an effect on your whole life. The benefits of physical fitness on people’s daily lives is well documented, as it promotes teamwork skills, helps improve general hand-eye coordination and is fantastic way to meet new people and make new friends.

Obviously, unless you prove to be the very best of the best, a course in Basketball is unlikely to take you to the dizzying heights of professional sport. However, it will make a big difference to many surprising parts of everyday life and is likely to be a great decision.

With a range of courses available, at a variety of different skill levels, there is sure to be a basketball course that is right for you, no matter how busy your schedule. Take a chance with a course in basketball and discover why so much of the world enjoys it as much as any other sport.

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