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Spin towards your goals with a pole fitness class!

Pole fitness is an amazing workout. Whether you want to join a group and discover how much fun it can be, or learn to lead your own group, as a qualified instructor, there are over 100 courses to help you get in amazing shape. You can even gain a qualification that counts towards university entry, if you want to take your love of fitness instruction to the next step.

What is pole fitness?

Sometimes known as pole dancing (though not what you’re thinking of!) it is the art of using core and arm strength to propel yourself around a pole. It takes a lot of strength and is comparable to most high-energy gymnastics routines.

It is one of the most physically demanding workouts, as it requires use of most of the major muscle groups in your body – especially your core, which can often be overlooked by other forms of exercise. It utilises the same muscle sets as push ups, sit ups and squats, combined with elements of dance. This makes it much more entertaining as a form of exercise than other, equally beneficial workouts. Plus, it’s a great skill to show off with!

Isn’t pole fitness…inappropriate

No! While some people might think of dancing around a pole as being improper, pole fitness has no elements of exotic dancing at all. Instead, it is about learning to maximise the use of all the muscles in your body. If you are worried about taking a pole fitness course for this reason, then don’t let it put you off!

Train yourself, or others

If you would like to learn about what a fantastic workout a pole fitness class can be, then simply find a nearby course, use the details on our site to apply, and then have fun!

If you are already a pole fitness expert, or personal trainer, and would like the opportunity to learn to become a pole fitness instructor, then consider a training course. With flexible options available more or less across the country, there is sure to be a course nearby that is perfect for you. If you have a busy schedule, there are a number of low-intensity training session that can allow you to qualify over several months, and still meet all your other commitments in the meantime.

I’m male, but I would like to try it. Will that be a problem?

No! Increasingly large numbers of men are trying out pole fitness as a regular part of their workout. As it promotes excellent flexibility as part of the key skills involved, pole fitness can make a difference to many parts of your daily life by helping you stretch further, and ache less!

What can I expect to do when I have finished?

At the end of a course, you will be one of two things:

If you have chosen to take the course for personal fitness, you will find that you are stronger, more flexible and in great shape. You will also (probably) find that you have had a whole lot of fun along the way.

If you have decided to qualify as a pole fitness instructor, you will find that you have a useful qualification that allows you to teach pole fitness and lead classes for others. Exactly at what level you have gained this qualification at depends on the level of course you have chosen, but many of the available options will count towards points for university entry both in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

With a range of amazing courses to try, start your pole fitness journey today!

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