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Inspect your career prospects with an Auditing course!

Auditing is a vital part of modern finance. Whether you work in a large business, or a small one, in the public sector or in the private. There is always auditing to be done, no matter what.

Getting qualified as an auditor is simple too. With a range of courses designed to suit the needs of almost anyone, getting started on becoming an auditor is not hard.

What is an auditor?

An auditor is an outside inspector who comes in to make sure that everything is running as it should be. In the case of financial auditing, accountants often come in to check that there are no irregularities with the accounts. This is often a difficult job and requires both good numbers and good people skills. While auditing is often a necessary job, auditors are often unwelcome or feared when brought in to do their job. This makes the work a challenge, but it also makes a change from traditional accountancy.

The skills that a financial auditor would normally be similar to those expected from an accountant. Good bookkeeping and numerical skills are considered standard. Generally speaking, candidates will already be qualified as accountants or a similar profession. This grounding in bookkeeping gives potential auditors an understanding of the everyday routines they will have to deal with when auditing for the first time.

Can I be an auditor without taking a course?

While a specialist Auditing course is not necessary to do the job (assuming you are already a qualified accountant), given the slightly different skill set, a course greatly boosts the chances of graduates achieving a job in this field.

A course in financial auditing will teach you the following skills:

  • The role of an auditor and what they are expected to do when they are brought in to conduct an audit.
  • The relationship of an auditor with management. Working with the management of the auditee company can often be difficult. Learning how to handle potential tension and problems is important for an auditor.
  • How to conduct an external audit.

These courses are normally designed for students who are new to the financial environment and need instruction from the ground up. Courses are flexible however, with some taking place in under a week. This means that no matter what your needs, there is an Auditing course suitable for you.

What can I expect to do after I finish?

A graduate from a course in financial Auditing can expect to work, unsurprisingly, in the financial sector. As it is a highly specialised qualification, so long as candidates have the proper financial or accounting background, they can expect to work as auditors.

Should you be aiming to work in the financial sector as something other than an auditor, showing experience of auditing processes can be a big help. Demonstrating to companies that you are aware of how auditors will work (and can take steps to make the process easier), is likely to impress most potential employers.

If you are thinking of working in the financial sector, in an accounting, bookkeeping or auditing capacity, an Auditing course is a perfect idea. With short, easy options that allow you to take classes as they best fit your schedule, there is no excuse not to. A qualification in auditing can enhance your CV and make you more employable. As a professional in the world of finance, it is a useful process to understand. This is also how employers see this qualification. If you are thinking about taking a course to gain new skills, make it a course in financial auditing.

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