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Improve your CV all over with a Spray Tan

The health and beauty industry are understandably always popular. Everybody want to look as good as possible but managing to look good isn’t always easy. Ever since Coco Chanel stepped into the spotlight, looking tanned and fashionable, getting the right tan has been important. The problem with living in Ireland is that the sun doesn’t shine anywhere near enough to keep you looking golden. This means that people often turn to spray tanning to make up for what the sun won’t provide. Tanning spray is much better than it used to be too. No more strong smells or streaky liquid!

Spray tanning isn’t easy though. Luckily, getting qualified with a spray tanning course absolutely is. Before you know it, you’ll be a professional – or if not, the most popular of all your friends. Whether you want to work with a salon or even alone – a mobile spray tan business can often be popular, a course in spray tanning is never a bad decision.

A course will take you through everything you need to know and give you good practice at using that spray gun. It will also cover any of the legal basics you need to know before starting.

How can I qualify?

Easily. You can be trained and qualified as a spray tanner in only a few hours. There is no need for long courses, and spray tanning does not require a lot of extra health and safety training outside of the ordinary. There are a few topics to cover, which include:

  • Learning to tan and dealing with the preparation process
  • Working with clients to understand what they want and how to give them what they need
  • Demonstrations and technique tips. This is the important part! Learning how to properly apply a spray tan. This also includes aftercare and how to help clients get the most from their tan
  • Additionally, there will be instructions on how to maintain and care for your tanning machines, and how to stop them from breaking down.
  • Health and safety is a must, but luckily, spray tanning is a lot less dangerous than other types of beauty treatment.

If you’ve ever been for a spray tan before, then you’ll be thoroughly familiar with the process. This will make the course even more simple, as you’ll know what comes next every time, and it will just be a matter of practicing your spraying skills. Likewise, if you are already a health and beauty professional who is looking to get a new skill (or refresh an old one), then this course should not prove difficult in the slightest.

What can I do once I’m qualified?

While a course in spray tanning doesn’t necessarily have the same value as other health and beauty qualifications (as it is a certificate of training, not a recognised qualification), it will prove to employers that you have been fully trained in providing a spray tan and helping customers make decisions about what do. It is a great addition to the CV of anyone who wants to work in the industry. Because it is so quick and easy to achieve, anyone who wants to help others look their best or work in a salon should consider taking a course in spray tanning.

Because the courses take less than a day, you can get qualified whenever you’re free. It won’t take long at all, and before you know it, you’ll have friends lining up to get you to help them with their summer glow. Just make sure you don’t spill any trade secrets, or any tanning spray!

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