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Do you need help with your reading, writing or maths skills? 

Adult literacy courses will cover basic topics such as english, maths, writing skills, reading comprehension skills and grammar and vocabulary. 

According to Citizens Information ‘one in six Irish adults has unmet literacy needs while one in four has unmet numeracy needs.’

 What this means for those adults is that various everyday tasks such as; reading medical instruction leaflets, filling in forms, and even helping their children with their homework, is a source of difficulty and embarrassment. 

If you are someone who falls into this category, there are a huge number of learning options available to you,  across the country, that are designed to help you to improve your literacy, numeracy and digital skills. These courses are available to you at any age, and can be completed without shame or embarrassment. 

All courses are taught by highly trained and professional tutors, who are sensitive to the needs of the students of these courses. All learners are treated with respect, kindness and delicacy. The aim of these courses is to tackle issues the learner is having themselves in a safe environment free from any judgement. 

What will I learn?

These courses aim to help the learner with the development of their grammar and vocabulary both for speaking and for writing. They will also help with any reading and comprehension issues you may encounter. 

Most of these courses will help the learner to improve on their basic mathematical skills. They will usually cover such topics as decimals, fractions, profit and loss, metric, proportion, area and simple interest. 

Why should I do this course? 

People return to education for a whole host of reasons. You may have missed a lot of things in school and wish to catch up on that. You may want to improve your skills to better enable you to help your own children with their school work. 

On occasion some people feel as though they do not have the sufficient skills to apply for promotion in work or to apply for certain roles that they would actually like to obtain. 

Or it may just be because you want to engage in personal betterment. 

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to engage in an adult literacy course, embarking on one of these courses will result in you improving on existing skills, learning new skills and above all growing your confidence. 

What do I need to start one of these courses?

Adult literacy classes do not require you to have reached any specific standard of education to join. You will be able to apply for any of the courses available regardless of your previous experience, or level of education. 

Who can join?

These classes are open to anyone and everyone from all walks of life. It can be important to keep in mind that there will be people of all ages and from all different types of background in your class. There will be no judgement and it will be a safe and open learning experience for everybody who joins. 


Depending on your reason for joining there are many different outcomes for adult literacy classes. The one universal outcome is that you will gain confidence in yourself and your abilities and you will learn and experience new and interesting things and if you choose a class based course you will meet other people who are having similar issues to you, which can be of great help in overcoming these problems. 

You will hone your skills, learn new things and meet new people. 

It could also mean that you gain the skills to get a promotion in your existing job or even give you the confidence to go for that dream job that you previously wouldn’t have gone for before completing the course. 

Adult literacy courses are hugely beneficial and there are a number of them operating around the country all year round. 


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  1. Jianwen 01/12/2022 at 17:41

    I am an Asian and an Irish family member ,I hope to learn English in the audit class, thank you

  2. Nonsie Ndiweni 11/10/2023 at 08:52

    Hi, I am enquiring on behalf of my partner who has no reading or writing skills. He unfortunately did not attend any form of education and would like to learn how to read, write and type. Do you have any available courses that would assist him.

    Thank you

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