Follow Your Dreams: Pursue Your Acting Ambitions

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Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Do you enjoy the thrill of performing and want to express your artistic side? Why not consider taking a class in acting.

Whether you want to pursue a career in the performing arts or take a class for fun, you can find a course to suit you.

Working actors perform in theatre productions, in television advertisements, on game shows, TV productions and movies. Others take part in amateur performances for fun, as a way to build their confidence or improve their public speaking skills. Acting classes can help budding actors to advance their careers, prepare them for auditions and introduce them to casting directors in Ireland and abroad.


There are a number of third level institutions that offer undergraduate single or joint honours degrees in drama studies. A degree in drama studies teaches students the theory and practice of theatre and performance. Students can apply to study for a BA in drama and/or theatre studies via the CAO. Application for these courses consists of an auditioning process in addition to the points and other entry requirements.

Furthermore, Irish acting and drama schools offer professional actor training programmes. These non-CAO, direct application courses focus on teaching actors how to engage with the physical, emotional and intellectual regime of acting.

For people who are interested in taking an acting course just for fun, there are a number of short or part-time acting classes. These courses generally run over an 8-10 week period and introduce students to acting through performance.  Additionally, some providers offer working and amateur actors courses to perfect an area of their craft. These include; Acting for Camera, Stand-up Comedy, Long Form Improvisation or Page to Stage.

What will you study?

The undergraduate degrees in drama and theatre studies introduces students to the world of theatre and performance. Students take modules in 20th-century drama, staging performance, theatre context and playwriting, to name a few. There is a mix of academic study and practical performance involved. In addition, BA students acquire critical thinking, analytical, writing and research skills through study.

The cumulation of their study involves working on a live production in their final year with a professional director. Students also actively take part in drama and musical societies. This helps them to develop their acting skills in front of live audiences, learn how to collaborate with other performers and build their acting portfolio.

The acting school courses are designed to immerse actors in a rigorous training regime. Students hone their improvisation skills and they work on expanding their creativity and imagination while acting. They learn how to collaborate with other actors and perform solo. Students perfect their voice and breathing on stage and study dialects and elocution. In addition, they learn the history of theatre, the film and TV industry, cabaret and dance.


The entertainment industry encompasses theatre, television, radio, film, internet, circus, theme parks, tourist attractions, museums to name a few. Consumer demand for entertainment has grown with the rise of digital media and new online media.

An actor’s career may consist of a mix of all of the above or they may decide to focus on one area. For example, some actors work solely as voice actors and do voiceover work for commercials, TV and video-games.

Furthermore, some actors progress into other areas of the industry and write, produce and direct their own material. Others work in education, public relations, talent agencies, journalism and broadcasting.

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