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Are you a self-taught Microsoft office user? Would you like to learn how to minimize the time you spend on word-processing? Or become more efficient with spreadsheets? Take a look at the Microsoft Office courses on offer.

MS Office is the most widely used business software suite. Available on both PC and Mac, MS Office applications are used in schools and colleges, by scientists and researchers and in business and finance, to name a few.


Courses in MS Office vary depending on the learner’s level of proficiency. Options of in class, distance or blended learning environments provide students with the flexibility in study.

Beginners can take a course that will introduce them to the suite of applications. There are no pre-requisites required to join these short courses at beginners level and they can help prepare students to take a MOS Certification test.

Trainees learn the basics of MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint. Some courses also cover MS Access, Project, Visio and Publisher.

For more experienced users, the classes at intermediate and advanced levels provide students with the knowledge, skills and capabilities in MS Office to work more efficiently in less time with greater precision. Intermediate and advanced users will be taught how to use the applications more efficiently and how to perform a task via multiple workarounds.

Furthermore, users can take an exam to become certified as a MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist).

What you will learn

All courses are designed to give students hands-on, practical training through in-class exercises and testing throughout. Students learn how to create, format and edit documents quickly and professionally in MS Word. They learn how to input, manage and analyse data accurately in MS Excel. And a course in MS Powerpoint will teach you to work with graphics, tables, charts and data to create professional presentations. Here’s a look at the two most popular MS applications and what you will learn.

MS Word

A beginners course in MS Word will prepare you for a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. You will learn;

  • The newest features of the programme
  • Document creation, editing, and saving
  • Formatting text and paragraphs
  • Working with tables, columns, and other formatting features
  • Graphics, WordArt, charts, and text flow
  • Document templates

The advanced classes include; mail merge, macros, document versioning, and proofing tools. In addition to footnotes, endnotes, tracking changes, comparing documents, creating envelopes and labels and securing documents.


This office spreadsheet application contains calculation features, graphing tools and pivot tables. It can be used for data entry and storage, to analyse data and create reports, for administrative tasks such as rosters and payroll, and in budgeting and accounting.

Excel training will help you do what you know how to do quicker and more efficiently. In addition to helping you increase the effectiveness of reports and presentation.

The classes in MS Excel will teach students how to;

  • Organise data in a coherent and easy-to-find manner
  • Do basic mathematical functions
  • Transform data into graphics, charts and tables
  • Analyse data, forecast modelling and budgeting

Advanced classes will include how to create pivot tables, how to protect worksheet cells, merging workbooks, tracking changes and how to use more complex mathematical and statistical functions.

Updating your skills

Finally, if you already have basic skills in MS Office, taking a class can help you get up to date with the latest version of the applications. In addition, you will learn about key features, short-cuts and workarounds that you may not have been familiar with before.

Furthermore, having a MOS Office certification on your CV can help you get the job you want with over 80% of employers looking for candidates with these skills. For example, the MOS certification gives users the credentials they need to validate their skills and advance their careers.



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