Zumba classes: Get fit and have fun with this high-energy dance

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Are you ready to dance? Zumba classes take a regular fitness class up a notch with some high-energy Latin-inspired dance moves. Zumba classes pair upbeat Latin music with aerobic dancing to get you moving and maybe even teach you a few new dance routines. Beto Perez, a celeb fitness trainer, invented this fun fitness approach and brought it to the world.

Whether you are a seasoned Zumba attendee or new to the routine, if you like to move and dance to great music, a Zumba class puts the fun back into your workout routine. The choreographed steps you learn in Zumba are not typically complicated, and there are a variety of music genres and types and will get you moving in line with your fitness journey.

Will I Lose Weight?

Aerobic exercise is great for your body and can help you lose weight. But weight loss depends on many other factors. What you will get out of a Zumba class is cardio intervals along with some resistance training and some super fun dance steps. You will also learn some body toning moves and hear some high-energy music.

What Should I Wear?

Something comfortable! Workout clothes like shorts, workout capris, tank tops, etc. You’ll be dancing and getting a great workout at the same time. So make sure to wear some comfy shoes too. You will want to keep those feet in something that doesn’t hurt them so you keep moving and keep coming back for more Zumba.

What Music and Moves are in Zumba?

There are a variety of dance steps that are typically taught in a Zumba class. Below are a few of the common steps you might get to try in your class.

Cumbia: Percussion rules in this music and the steps fall in line with that theme. Common moves are the stomp and the basic rock. You’ll hear an accented beat and a Caribbean feel with this sound.

Merengue: You’ll get an even, marching beat with this style of music. Originating in the Dominican Republic, these popular tunes are fast-paced with an even rhythm.

Salsa: This is the most commonly-associated type of music with Zumba. It is a mix of many musical genres from Latin Jazz to Cuban to African. With its syncopated beat and fast pace, you may do moves like rock back, 2-step push and of course, the salsa.

Reggaeton: With a Jamaican and Puerto Rican flair, this sound has a strong base drum beat with a hip-hop feel. Steps that can be part of a reggaeton set are the bounce, reggaeton pump, front and back rock.

Mambo: Developed in Cuba, this Afroamerican style has a syncopated rhythm with a jazzy sound and a high-energy up-tempo beat. You may learn moves like a forward cross-over step, slide and jump.

Rumba: This genre has an African/Cuban feel and you may be familiar with it as a ballroom dancing genre. The basic beat has a passionate tone to it and the moves may be exaggerated for a dramatic touch. Moves you may learn are the box step, hip rolls and various turns.

What Should I Expect in Class?

As with most fitness classes, you will likely have a warm-up and stretching session designed to get your muscles ready for some faster movements. The main set of structured moves are high-energy and but rotate between a aerobic moves and a stretching, body sculpting moves. Then a cool down where you reduce your heart rate back down and start the muscle recovery process. Plan on doing some slower moves and stretching to get your muscles cooled down at the end of class.

Zumba Wrapup

If you like to dance, want to move and like Latin-inspired upbeat tempo music, try the Zumba Dance class. You may learn some new steps, enjoy some old and new music favourites, and get a healthy workout all at once.







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