What Are the Natural Sciences?

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The natural sciences encompass diverse fields revolving around the systematic study of the physical world and natural phenomena using objective observations and quantitative data. What exactly do the “natural sciences” include and what unifying aspects define them?

What Are the Natural Sciences?

Broadly, major branches of natural science include:

  • Physics – the study of matter, energy and motion
  • Chemistry – study of substances, their properties/reactions
  • Biology – the study of living organisms and life processes
  • Earth Science – study of atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere
  • Astronomy – study of celestial objects like stars, planets

Emphasizing an evidence-based model, the scientific method involving developing hypotheses, quantitative testing, and refining theories through repeatable experiments binds these areas. Insights gained enable new technologies, inform modeling/predictions, and shed light on behaviors of the intricate systems interweaving our natural world.

While social sciences centre on human systems and psychology, natural sciences largely exclude supernatural explanations, relying on measurable, testable phenomena. Researchers specialize, but interdisciplinary collaboration helps construct our unified understanding of physical realities.

At its core, natural science aims to elucidate universal laws allowing us to harness knowledge for societal advancement while grappling with forces often beyond easy human comprehension.

As Einstein stated – “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.”


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