What are the Most Popular College Courses in Ireland?

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The most popular college courses in Ireland can vary depending on the year, but based on recent statistics, we’ve put together a list of College Courses that are generally considered to be among the most popular in Ireland.

When choosing your college course, it’s important to research specific universities and the course content to make sure it aligns with your interests and career goals.

What are the Most Popular College Courses in Ireland?


Business is a very popular field of study in Ireland, with many students pursuing degrees in areas such as management, marketing, accounting, and finance. Courses.ie lists thousands of business courses in their database for colleges and course providers across Ireland. Business is an incredibly popular and important career route top take. Explore your Business options here.


Computer Science

With the technology sector growing rapidly in Ireland, computer science has become an increasingly popular field of study. Courses in areas such as software development, data analytics, and artificial intelligence are in high demand. Computers & IT is a very attractive competence and qualification to earn. The IT industry is growing faster from day to day especially in Ireland. Many employers are eager to work with professional and highly skilled computer specialist. For more information, use our large database on Courses.ie and find the perfect course for you. Explore your computer science options here.



Engineering is a field that encompasses many different specialties, including mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. With a strong tradition of manufacturing and innovation in Ireland, engineering is a popular choice for many students. Courses.ie features a wide range of engineering courses in their database for colleges and course providers across Ireland. Explore your engineering options here.



There are numerous science courses available, such as biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, biotechnology, and computer science. Ireland has a reputation for high-quality scientific education and research, and students can benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and collaboration opportunities with industry partners. Explore your science options here.



Healthcare encompass a wide range of fields, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and more. With an aging population and increasing demand for healthcare services, health sciences are becoming an increasingly popular area of study in Ireland. Courses.ie lists a variety of study options within the Health Sciences, including Healthcare, Healthcare Management, Health Studies, Health Law, Mental Health, and Social Care.


Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities courses have always been in high demand in Ireland. Areas of study include literature, history, philosophy, and more, and students pursuing these degrees often go on to careers in fields such as education, journalism, and the arts. Explore your Arts and humanities course options here.

Courses.ie is Ireland’s largest independent for courses in Ireland. We list full-time and part-time courses of all types so that you can find the best course for you.

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