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It’s a smooth path to success with a Waxing course!

Waxing is not an easy job. Worse, if you try and do it without professional training, it can hurt even more than it normally does. Heating up the wax and managing to get all the hair out from every inch of your body is hard work!

Luckily, with a course in waxing, you can quickly and easily become a professional, and make the whole thing a lot easier! Learn to wax faces, bodies and just about any other part of you that you might want to remove hair from!

What is waxing?

Waxing is the difficult art of getting off unwanted body hair by using hot wax and paper to depilate the skin quickly and effectively, without the need for razors, gel or hours of effort. As quick as it is though, there is a trick to getting it done.

There are many different styles of hair removal – some of them are well known, like Brazilian Waxing and Hollywood Waxing. Not all waxing takes place on the body either – learning to wax eyebrows and unwanted facial hair is also a great way to look your best (or help others to look their best). There is also the classic leg wax, where it all began.

Of course, waxing is not just for women! Many men like to wax too, as it is a much quicker method of removing hair than spending hours (and a fortune on blades) with a razor.

What will I learn on a course?

There are two important elements to a waxing course:

The first is learning about the different styles of waxing, and how to deliver a great experience. While you can’t stop it from being a bit uncomfortable, you can learn how to minimise the discomfort, and keep your clients coming back for more. Learn how to remove all the bodily hair your clients want gone – and how to get those difficult bits that seem almost impossible to remove normally.

The second part is probably the most important one. Health and Safety is never exciting to learn about, but it is important. Learn how to prevent burns when dealing with hot wax, and prevent yourself from injuring a client, leading to professional liability – or worse. Health and Safety will also teach you the basic regulations required to practice legally in a salon or other professional setting.

Some courses will need you to bring along your own model to practice on, so please make sure you have read all the requirements before beginning a course. Some courses may provide a higher level of qualification than others, so check that when you have finished, you are qualified to the level you would like to work at.

What can I expect to do when I am finished?

Once you have finished your course, you will be qualified to perform waxing on clients. If you have evert wanted to work in the health and beauty industry, it is a great first qualification to achieve. If you already work within the industry but are looking for a way to attract new clients, or earn a pay rise, a waxing course is a great way to get things moving.

With a great range of quick, easy courses, flexible payment options, and different locations, there is sure to be a course that can get your health and beauty career on the road. If you don’t want to become a professional waxer, and just want to learn the most effective way to help yourself to look your best, then that is fine too!

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