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The human mind is the most complicated structure currently known to man. It is also one of the most mysterious. Psychology courses teach about the scientific study of the mind; it’s only a fascinating field of study but can lead to a number of varied career paths.


There are a number of colleges and third level institutions in Ireland that offer students a choice of psychology courses. For students who are considering studying for a degree in psychology, the majority of Irish Universities offer three or four-year undergraduate programmes in psychology. These courses offer a broad introduction to the concepts, theories and research methods associated with the science. In addition, students will learn the biology of the brain, how to conduct thorough research and how to use statistical analysis tools.

At postgraduate level students can pursue a career in psychology through further study. These specialities  include:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Organisational psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Counselling psychology
  • Health psychology

For students who wish to become a clinical psychologist, they must first pursue a three-year doctorate programme in clinical psychology. There are currently three universities in Ireland offering this academic/training programme. Candidates must achieve a high grade in their undergraduate psychology course in order to be considered for a place. Students who complete academic study in this specialized field as well as practical experience in hospitals and other clinical settings. 

What will you study?

Psychology students observe and analyse human behaviour and mental processes. Students gain an understanding of psychology by examining how the neurobiological structures influence human personality, intelligence, motivation, behaviours, conditions and disorders.

The core areas covered by the degree programmes in psychology include:

  • Biology; anatomy of the brain, neurological reasoning, neuropsychology
  • Social psychology; psychology of language, early childhood development, human and organizational factors
  • Cognitive; rationalisation and reasoning, the creative mind, perceptual neuroscience

In addition to the core modules on each course, students will develop competent research, analytical and reporting skills. They will also refine their numeracy and statistical proficiencies.

Furthermore, students will learn how to conduct their own controlled psychological experiments. Experiments may include the testing how a person reacts to different colours in relation to their mood. Another experiment might be testing how music affects concentration or to observe how people act in groups. 

Psychology Graduates

Psychology graduates complete their study with a broad range of skills that equip them to work in a varied number of roles. Psychology exists in medicine, business, sports, law, education and policing to name a few.

It is related to almost everything in life so the skills acquired through study will help you to succeed in areas such as marketing, human resource management, teaching, childcare work and occupational therapy, to name a few.

For graduates who wish to pursue a career in a specialised field, they will have to undertake further study at post-graduate level. Graduates from these programmes work as counsellors, educational psychologists, health psychologists and forensic psychologists. In addition, students work as occupational and sport psychologists.

Graduates from psychology courses who have studied for a doctorate in clinical psychology work in hospitals and clinical settings. Clinical psychologists help patients who are suffering from mental and emotional problems. They also help in-patients recovering from a trauma, illness or injury such as those suffering from chronic illnesses or neurological conditions.

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