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If you are thinking about a career in IT, then the CompTIA Network+ qualification is a must. Designed as a certificate to demonstrate competency in working with digital networks, it is a vendor neutral award. Network+ courses teach about this exciting area and anyone who completes a course in Network+ is certified for 3 years, at which point they must retake the course again to prove their competence.

Network+ is one of a range of industry standard IT qualifications offered by CompTIA, the US body that oversees the standardisation of IT training. As it is such a standard test, there are a range of courses available that will help you fit in training for the IT job you’ve always wanted without disruption to your everyday life.

What is Network+?

Network+ is the industry standard networking qualification. Networks play a major role within most modern workplaces. Knowing how to manage, control and repair them is vital. For companies looking to save money and work more efficiently, an in-house IT team needs to know how to handle a network. For anyone working as part of an IT service, networking issues are likely to occur regularly. This means knowing what to do and troubleshooting problems is part of the everyday job. The qualification is valid for up to 3 years, at which point, it must be retaken to reflect the progress in technology.

The Network+ certificate was first awarded in 1998 by CompTIA, the US IT training company. It was designed to operate as an equivalent to the ANSI A+ certification that had previously been used for IT technicians. Network+ courses give graduates the chance to demonstrate their knowledge to employers. Students on the Network+ course will lean about the following aspects of computing:

  • Theory
  • This cover discussing the terminology and theoretical design of network
  • Hardware
  • Students will learn about the various types of hardware that are needed for a
    network to function. These include items such as router, cables and switches.
  • Software
  • For a network administrator to run a network, they must be able to control
    the software. Giving the student the opportunity to learn how to do this
    forms a major part of the Network+ course.

Network+ courses are designed to be vendor neutral, so there is no reliance on a specific brand of software or hardware in order to graduate. This will give you the best possible training by providing the widest scope.

What can I do with it?

If you’re taking a qualification in Network+, you are likely to be working in IT. Whether you choose to work in IT support or in something more technical, there are a wealth of choices that can be had when you are properly qualified.

A Network+ qualification is equal to roughly 9 months on on-the- job experience. This means that employer can expect you will not need as much training as a completely new employee. It is a good way to get ahead of the competition when applying for a job in the IT industry. If you are looking to take more of the CompTIA qualifications, a course in Network+ will prepare you for the standard course format. The Network+ course meets the
United States Department of Defence specifications, which means that if you would like to take your IT skills to a higher level, you will be perfectly qualified to serve in most technical military capacities.

All this means that a Network+ course plays a major role in working in the IT industry. If you think that it is the right job for you, find a course today, and get started on training for the job you’ve always wanted.

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      Great to hear! All you have to do is select the programme you want to do and then book on through the college. There’s a list of available courses online here:

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