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An ‘English as a foreign language’ course will enable the student to either become able to communicate with locals during a trip, or begin a larger commitment to becoming fluent for professional or personal reasons. 

What basics might I learn?

There are many levels of English courses available across the country at the moment. Some of the things the student of the English language might learn include: 

  • Greetings – Introducing yourself, your friends and your family
  • Talking about yourself, your job, tastes and hobbies
  • Travelling
  • Booking a hotel and checking in
  • Booking a table – Eating and drinking out
  • Asking for and understanding directions
  • Going shopping
  • Complaining and apologising
  • Elements of cultural awareness

What are the objectives of learning English as a foreign language?

There are a number of benefits of learning any language, and English is no exception. Studying English, in general, will have the following objectives:

  • Sociolinguistic Appropriateness. To be able to connect with locals or natives in simple forms. 
  • Listening Comprehension. To be able to follow and understand the spoken word.
  • Reading Comprehension.To be able to understand very short, simple texts.  
  • Spoken Interaction. To be able to interact in a simple way. 
  • Written Interaction. To be able to ask for or pass on personal details in written form.
  • Written Production. To be able to write simple phrases and sentences about themselves and imaginary people, where they live and what they do.

Who should take a course in English as a foreign language?

Anyone who isnt already fluent! Whether or not you are interested in learning the language for personal or professional reasons, there are plenty of courses available out there for all levels of interest. 

A beginners course could be just the thing if you are planning a trip or maybe even want to be able to better understand English speaking countries culture, tv, and media. 

On the other hand if you are planning on doing business in an English speaking country or with English speaking companies or colleagues, then gaining a professional level of understanding might be what you require from your course. 

Whatever the reason, becoming knowledgeable and furthering your fluency in any language is hugely advantageous in today’s modern multicultural world. 

What do I need to study English as a foreign language? 

Most courses in English as a foreign language are available to all levels of learners and can come in a variation of evening courses and day courses. As a result all you need to do is apply. 

There are a huge number of English as a foreign language courses available all across the country. 


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