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A JEB Diploma? IT’s the way!

If you’ve ever wanted to combine your love of teaching with your love of technology, then a JEB Diploma could be perfect for you. This qualification will allow you to become a fully accredited ICT trainer. The Diploma is internationally recognised and will allow you to teach in a Further Educational College or professional training organisation.

IT plays such an integral role in the modern world that there is constant demand for trainers who can help others reach the required standard for modern life. If this sounds like a job you could do, then consider taking a Diploma course and helping others become as skilled in IT as you are.

What will I learn?

A EDI (JEB) Diploma teaches students to teach others themselves. It forms part of a series of qualifications that can eventually see students graduate to becoming the teachers of the EDI course themselves. For anyone who has ever wanted to teach, but not been sure about the long series of qualifications that leads to the front of the classroom, this Diploma is a perfect first step into teaching.

You don’t need any prior ICT teaching experience, although obviously you will require a good background in ICT. A desire to become an educator in your own right is encouraged. Amongst other elements, the course will teach you the following skills:

  • The roles and responsibilities of an educator
    o This includes student-teacher roles and how to properly manage a classroom situation.
  • Planning for success in the classroom
    o Being able to constructively plan an educational lesson and help students meet their educational targets in the classroom is a core skill for any teacher.
  • How to teach in a classroom
    o While this sounds self-explanatory, professional guidance on how to deliver a lesson and meet learning outcomes is not always as easy as it initially sounds.
  • The assessment of learners in education
    o Being able to check where your class is on an academic scale is another key skill for educators. Learning how to monitor progress and guide students forms a major part of the teaching experience.

There will also be certifications in practical IT skills that will make up much of the course. If you are already qualified as an H Dip. or BEd level teacher, you may be exempt from certain portions of the course depending on experience.

What can I expect to do when I finish?

On completion of the course, graduates will be qualified to teach in private educational institutions. This qualification does not replace tradition teaching certifications, so if you wish to become a traditional school teacher you will need further qualifications to be eligible. As private institutions are exempt from state school rules, there may be private classroom options available to certain candidates.

However, if you would like to go further still, graduates can progress to the Advanced JEB course on completion. This will allow them to become JEB instructors in their own right. The qualification is recognised by the FAS and you will be able to officially register on the National Register of Trainers as an accredited Trainer yourself.

If you have a real passion for education and an experience with IT, then this course is an ideal choice. There are a range of flexible courses to choose from, so no matter what your requirements, there is certain to be a Diploma option that is right for you. Whether you think you don’t have the time, or you’ve never quite been brave enough to take the next step, make an EDI (JEB) IT Diploma your crowning achievement for this year.

Kevin Branigan

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  1. Caroline 02/05/2021 at 16:22


  2. cliodhna loughlin 03/02/2023 at 18:07


    I am interested in a JEB Diploma in ICT. I have Level 6 the Train The Trainer and would like to be able to teach ICT in a further education setting. Can you please email me with details on upcoming on line courses / fees etc.

    Kind regards,

    Cliodhna Loughlin

  3. Carol 10/02/2023 at 17:12

    Can you please email me with further information? Can you teach in ETBs with this qualification?

  4. cliodhna loughlin 13/02/2023 at 09:30

    Hi, I messaged this site on 3rd of February enquiring about the JEB Diploma. Is it higher or the same as the Train The Trainer ? Is the JEB Diploma recognised in the ETB’s ?

    Kind regards,

    Cliodhna Loughlin

  5. cliodhna loughlin 15/02/2023 at 14:51

    Can you please email me details of JEB courses please.

  6. Lisa Scripps 20/06/2023 at 16:49


    Please can you tell me what EDI is short for?
    A EDI (JEB) Diploma


  7. Roy Paxton 03/07/2023 at 12:16

    Can anyone get a replacement JEB certificate

  8. Rosaleen 07/08/2023 at 13:15

    Replacement JEB certificate needed please.

  9. Margaret Burke 13/04/2024 at 14:33

    I would like to hear about courses in Sligo and Donegal.



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