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Computers for improvers are ideal courses to get you further along on your technological journey.

If you are someone who wants to fully to master the computer in your home, or if you are wanting to upskill to take on new projects one of these courses could be right up your alley.

What Will I Learn?

These courses give students a more in-depth understanding of computer technology. They will teach you everything from the ground up. They will improve on existing skills and will teach the more advanced aspects of vital computer appliances such as Microsoft Word, Xcel, and outlook. They will also teach more advanced things like Powerpoint and Onedrive too.

Generally speaking, they will teach the learner how to fully take advantage of the internet, how to become proficient in the most common online appliances too such as Google, Gmail, maps, docs, etc. They would also teach more advanced applications such as slides and google drive.

they will also teach students various advanced letter and document drafting skills using the word application.

Who is it for?

These courses are for everyone! Well, everyone who needs to learn more about computers that is! Young or old, if you are someone who would like to know how to more proficiently use a computer then one of these courses would be the right choice for you. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to learn these courses are a great way to learn how to use a computer to a more advanced level free of judgement and in an environment where everyone else is on the same page.

What can I do with it?

Well, you can learn how to become a whizz on the computer! But the great thing about an improvement course is that it opens up the doorway to further learning if you wish. There are plenty of courses out there that have improvers classes that then lead on to more advanced classes, (such as the ECDL) if it is something you would be interested in pursuing. Also, it is a great way to meet new people and to hone skills if you are interested in taking on a new endeavour.


There are plenty of courses out there available for improvers who would like to take a computer class. You can find information on courses near you at

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