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A well-chosen training course can greatly improve your career prospects. People often assume, incorrectly, that an honours degree from a full-time course in a university is the only educational award that employers place any real value on. Adult education is well-respected across all industries, and enrolling can be a very sensible step toward a brighter future.

You do not need to be currently engaged in a career, for adult education to be of assistance. Some people are seeking to return to the workforce after being compelled to leave by personal or familial circumstances. A gap of years since their last employment can make people feel nervous and under-prepared when returning to work. Others may never have completed their formal education, and therefore face great difficulty in finding a stimulating and financially rewarding job. your Training Options provide several different ways for these people to take their first purposeful steps on a career path. Those who are lacking in formal education can complete the Junior Cert or Leaving Cert. Basic computer skills are of great importance to anyone returning to the workforce, and by enrolling in a course on the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) or one of the many ‘computers for beginners’ courses nationwide, they can learn those vital skills. Similar courses for beginners are available in an array of subjects, from languages to media, business to nursing. So if you’re thinking of returning to work, then a part-time course could well be the perfect vehicle for realising that ambition.

A recent report by the EGFSN (Expert Group on Future Skills Needs) highlighted the skills drought faced by the Irish economy. Ireland is in danger of falling behind economic competitors due to a lack of skilled graduates and not enough worker up-skilling in key industries. Expanding on your current skills could be an excellent way of ‘hedging your bets’ when it comes to career prospects. The demand for highly-skilled, flexible and technologically adept workers is set to increase for the foreseeable future.

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Many larger companies provide all the in-house training and educational development their employees require. Increasingly however, those employees, who do not receive adequate training, are taking control of their own destiny by enrolling in a training course instead (and hopefully having course fees paid by their employer, it’s for their benefit too!). People who are ambitious in their careers – and who can afford not to be, these days? – are realising their personal goals by taking training courses. The course subject need not be directly related to your career. For example, improving on your IT skills is a good idea for almost every type of career in the modern Irish economy.

People changing careers is a much more common phenomenon these days. Our relative wealth and the host of educational options available make the switching of jobs more possible than ever before. What most people cannot afford to do is to return to full-time education, and that is where evening classes can play such an important role. Preparation can be made for a new career by studying part-time while remaining in a full-time job. An added benefit to those studying for a change in career is that the course tutor is often (but not always) working in the industry they are hoping to switch to. The teacher can often inform of them of current trends, useful tips and employment prospects in the industry.

Tempted to change careers?

The site also contains many programmes that act as a gateway to the professions. For example, law or accountancy graduates – who already have a third level qualification – still need to pass exams to gain entry to the professional societies and work as solicitors, barristers or accountants. Many people study for these exams at night, while working full time during the day in a related job. Professional societies also run many career development diploma or certificate courses (examples of subjects include marketing, HR, engineering, IT and sales) for people to augment their skills and progress their career.

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Training courses therefore, as well as providing an excellent outlet for social activity and a source of personal development, are a practical investment in your future. Having an intellectually and financially fruitful career is one of the most rewarding things anyone could have, so you it makes solid-gold sense to make full use of the educational resources in this guide in achieving that goal.

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    I already have completed Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised Level 5 QQI Award from GRETB where I received a Distinction. I would like to continue further with this course and am wondering if you have a course where I can further my career so I can apply for a job after completing the course.

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