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Unlock Your Dream Career in Event Management – Enroll Now on the Professional Diploma in Event Management at The Irish Academy of Public Relations.


Are you a natural organizer with an eye for detail and a passion for planning? If you love crafting unforgettable experiences and are brimming with new ideas, then Event Management is your ticket to an extraordinary career!


Picture yourself at the heart of the action – organizing, booking venues, securing celebrities, arranging delectable food, and captivating entertainment.  Whether you manage events as part of your job, or it is your full-time career choice, this is the course for you.


Our exclusive certificate equips you with the professional skills needed to thrive as an event manager. Through 6 practical, up-to-date modules, you’ll master the art of event organization, big or small, and learn to create, promote and manage events with impressive ability – even in a crisis!


Last, but not least, we’ll equip you with the skills to write client proposals that command attention and seal the deal. This course has you covered.


Ready to embark on an incredible journey? Earn your skills-based, professional Certificate in Event Management, self-taught and fully online. Your hard work will be rewarded with a prestigious digital certification and badge, backed by the European Association of Distance Learning’s (EADL) quality assurance.


Join now and access our online library for a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Let your passion for organising take flight and turn your dream of a dynamic, exciting, and varied career into reality! Enrol today – the world of Event Management awaits you!

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Digital Certification

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Core Text

Event Planning and Management: Principles Planning and Practice, is the core text chosen for the Event Management Diploma. Written by authors with extensive industry experience of working on a wide range of events, this is an essential step-by-step resource for students and the next generation of event planners. Each student will receive a copy of this text.

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Begin by exploring the multifaceted world of event management. Understand the different categories of events, from corporate seminars to music festivals, and delve into the central role of an event manager. Familiarize yourself with the integral stages and touchpoints that orchestrate an unforgettable event experience.

Module 2.  Event Planning & Design: 

The essence of a standout event lies in its planning and design. Discover how to lay the foundation with clear objectives and choose the appropriate format. Dive deep into the nuances of experiential design, ensuring your event resonates with attendees, and explore thematic elements to create a distinct identity.


  1. Budgeting & Finance:

Financial prowess is crucial in the event domain. Understand the intricacies of drafting a comprehensive budget that accounts for all expenditures and potential revenue streams. Delve into managing both expenses and income efficiently, and ensure you’re well-equipped to perform a detailed post-event financial evaluation.


Module 4.  Venue & Location Management: 

The venue can make or break an event. Unravel the criteria for perfect venue selection, ensuring it aligns with the event’s objectives and audience. Grasp the importance of venue layout for optimal flow and immersion, and prioritize safety with a thorough risk assessment to preempt potential pitfalls. Learn to draft detailed timelines, ensuring all tasks are accounted for, from pre-event preparations to post-event wrap-up. Develop a keen understanding of managing suppliers and contractors, and always be ready with a Plan B through astute contingency planning.

Top of Form


Module 5.  Marketing & Promotion: 

A well-marketed event garners attention and attendees. Dive into strategic branding, leverage powerful marketing channels like social media, and optimize email marketing campaigns. Moreover, equip yourself with tools and techniques to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your promotional endeavours.

Module 6.  Risk Management & Safety: 

Every event comes with its set of challenges. Equip yourself to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring attendee safety remains paramount. Understand the myriad health and safety regulations governing events, be informed about insurance essentials, and craft comprehensive crisis management strategies.


Module 7.  Sponsorship & Fundraising:

For many events, sponsors can be a lifeline. Understand how to pinpoint potential sponsors aligned with your event’s ethos. Design alluring sponsorship packages that offer value, and for those charitable endeavors, become proficient in varied fundraising techniques to maximize contributions.


Module 8.  Technology in Event Management: 

The digital age has transformed event management. Familiarize yourself with leading event management software, understand the advantages of integrated ticketing systems, and stay updated on the latest tech trends, from virtual reality integrations to live-streaming capabilities.


Module 9.  Sustainability in Events: 

As the world shifts towards sustainability, events shouldn’t be left behind. Delve into the principles of green event management, learn strategies to minimize carbon footprints, and ensure your events resonate with a growing eco-conscious audience by partnering with environmentally friendly suppliers.



Module 10.  Post-Event Evaluation: 

Growth stems from feedback. Master the methods of collecting post-event data, be it through feedback forms, digital analytics, or direct interactions. Learn to analyze this feedback, understand the event’s successes and areas for improvement, and leverage these insights for future endeavors.


Module 11.  Case Studies & Real-World Applications: 

Theory meets practice in this module. Analyze a spectrum of real-world events, both successful ones and those that faced challenges. Absorb industry best practices, engage with insightful guest lectures from seasoned professionals, and learn to predict and navigate potential event challenges.

Module 12 – Professional Client Proposal

This proposal is the capstone of your diploma. It is your chance to fuse the wealth of knowledge and finely-honed skills you’ve acquired through the previous modules, channeling them into the creation of a professionally presented client proposal document for an event. You may either chose an event for your own organisation, or work from a given project outline. Whichever option you choose, your client company will be carefully chosen, with help from our experienced tutors, to help you showcase your talent as an event management professional.

And that’s not all. Your submission will be complemented by an extraordinary (max) 1000-word blog, demonstrating your persuasive writing prowess. Your blog will be showcased on our prestigious academy website and amplified on social media – reaching audiences far and wide.

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About Irish Academy of Public Relations

The Irish Academy of Public Relations was formed in 1991 by Ellen Gunning, the PR consultant, author, and broadcaster. In the early years (1990s) the Academy taught PR & journalism courses at University College Dublin (UCD), University College Cork (UCC) and Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).

As we grew, we expanded our range of courses to encompass a wide scope of communications topics and expanded our network of partners to evening classes in Irish colleges, the e-Learning Academy in Greece, Dorben Polytechnic in Nigeria, and Orient Planet Academy in the United Arab Emirates. We have graduates in 53 countries around the world and tutors across 3 continents.

Currently, we offer a range of Professional Diploma & Certificate courses, a suite of Online Continuing Professional Development courses, and training for the Corporate & NGO sectors.

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