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Transition Year students can take advantage of a free Engineering Virtual Work Experience courtesy of The STEPS Team, Engineers Ireland.

Students who sign up for the programme will get an overview of the variety and depth of opportunities a career in engineering can offer.

The programme features live webinars as well as modules you can work away on at your own pace. All students who complete the programme will receive a certificate.

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STEPS Engineering Your Future (STEPS EYF) is designed to inspire Transition Year students to study engineering.

This programme is open to Transition Year students in Ireland (15 to 16 years, 4th year in secondary school) and Year 11 (or 15 to 16 year in secondary school) in Northern Ireland.

Application deadline: 20th April.

Programme dates: 25th April – 29th April.

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FREE Engineering Virtual Work Experience

Experience overview

You’ll hear from engineers in a wide range of specialisms, they’ll explain how they got into the industry and share some top tips. You’ll also complete quizzes and activities so you know exactly what the future of engineering looks like and how you can play a part!

The modules in this programme include:

Introduction into the engineering industry

In this introductory module, we’ll give you an overview of the engineering industry as well as answer any questions you might have – like, what does an engineer actually do? We’ll also explain some of the different career opportunities available within the industry. In this module’s activity, you’ll have the opportunity to explore what roles interest you and what skills you’ll need to be successful in engineering.

Innovation in engineering

This programme is open to Transition Year students in Ireland (15 to 16 years, 4th year in secondary school) and Year 11 (or 15 to 16 year in secondary school) in Northern Ireland.

Are you inquisitive and naturally curious about how things work? Would you like to make a difference in people’s lives and the world around us? Are you creative, do you like making, breaking or designing things? Do you like working as part of a team?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, engineering might be a good fit for you.

In this module, you’ll get an introduction to innovation in engineering and the application of innovative ideas in engineering. You’ll learn about trending innovation and how tech plays its part in accelerating us towards the future. As well as this high-level look, you’ll also learn how innovation is applied at the design level and its impact, with examples.

Sustainability in engineering

In this module, you’ll understand how sustainability plays a part in the design and manufacturing process, with a spotlight on sustainable design approaches, construction materials, manufacturing methods. We’ll also take a look at decarbonisation, energy efficiency and using our resources responsibly. Finally, you’ll get to look at some of the green careers opportunities available now and in the future.

Future cities

In this module, you’ll get an introduction to what the future of engineering could look like, with examples of current developments and projects. We’ll learn about smart cities, the type of tech/tools currently in use and those that could be used in the future, and the opportunities this creates for engineering professionals. You’ll also take a look at collaboration in the community with a sample of case studies of local initiatives.

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