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Have you always wanted an outlet for your creativity? There are many beginner classes that offer fundamentals of creating art. Most beginner classes teach you the fundamentals of an art medium. The most popular are offerings in drawing and painting. Beginner classes focus on technique, medium, finding ideas and the creative process. Colour, composition and perspective are typical fundamentals taught in beginning art classes.

You will usually need to bring your own materials for an art class. Often the class will provide an easel and stand for your use during class.  Make sure to check the course offering when you register so you know what to bring.

Which Beginning Art Class is for You?

When you are choosing which class to take, think about the medium that you most like to work with. Do you prefer to work with pencils, pens, felt tips, charcoals or similar materials? Or do you prefer to work with different types of paints. Below are some general tips about the types of art classes.


In a beginning drawing course, you will learn the basics of sketching and drawing. Typically drawing classes for a beginner use pencil. You learn how to develop ideas in your sketchbook to the finished product. Fundamental drawing techniques to fill colour and shade are also a part of this course.  You will learn terms and techniques like hatching, cross-hatching and stippling.

Learning the fundamentals of drawing in pencil helps you advance to other mediums. Pen, felt tip pen and charcoal are popular mediums.  Each has different techniques that get you the look you want with that medium. But the fundamentals are the same with any medium.


You may be wondering if you need to know how to draw before you can paint. If you are pursuing a degree in art, then yes. You should have training in how to draw. But painting for personal enrichment requires less training. So knowing the fundamentals of drawing are not as critical.

There are several types of paint that are used in paintings created today. Acrylic, watercolour and oil are the most recognizable. Beginning painters usually start with acrylic paints they work on any surface. It’s also easier to fix mistakes by painting over them than with other types of paint. And, acrylic paint dries fast and it’s easy to clean up.

Watercolour is also an option for beginning painters. Some people stay away from watercolours as it is challenging to control. But you can you can learn to work with this medium with practice. Like everything, you get better with experience. And, it’s easier to stick with something if you have an interest in it.

Painting with oils is popular because of their quality, colour and versatility. Working with oil is more complicated than painting with acrylic and watercolour. You will need to prepare the surface being painted and use solvents for cleanup. But the result of using oil is vibrant and rich. So if you are want to paint with oils, take a beginning oil painting class.

Now that you know about beginning art classes, think about which courses work best for you and your schedule.

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