Are You Thinking about Becoming a Solicitor?

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Have you ever thought about a career in the legal profession? Are you thinking about becoming a solicitor? Did you know that  it is not necessary to study law at University to become a solicitor? Many qualified solicitors have come from a background in Arts, Commerce, Science or Psychology, and many other areas! This can often be a great advantage to a solicitor as it affords them a larger skillset and a honed knowledge base to bring to their work.

In Ireland, The Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin is responsible for the education and training of solicitors. Training is organised through the Professional Practice Course, parts I and II. In order to become a solicitor, you must complete the Professional Practice Courses, followed by undertaking a traineeship with an approved solicitor.


A common route into law is first to gain an undergraduate degree, then apply to the Law Society’s solicitor training course, and pass an entrance examination, also known as the Final Examination – First Part (FE-1).


Non-graduates will need to take a Preliminary Examination, which is designed for non-graduates. This examination is held once a year, usually in March. The examination consists of 3 three papers: English,  Irish Government and Politics & General Knowledge. If you pass the exam you are then eligible to move to your next step and sit the FE-1 Entrance Examination.

FE-1 Entrance Examination

This FE-1 Entrance Examination is held twice a year and consists of eight papers:

  • Company Law1
  • Constitutional Law
  • Law of Contract2
  • Criminal Law
  • European Union Law3
  • Equity4
  • Real Property
  • Law of Tort


Professional Practice Course

On successful completion of the FE-1 Entrance Examinations you can then apply to attend the Professional Practice Course. The Professional Practice Course (PPC) is a full-time training course. The PPC is practice–oriented and throughout the course you will learn how to do the work of a solicitor. 

Training contract

Before applying to attend the PPC all applicants must have secured a two-year training contract with an eligible training solicitor, who are required to provide you with reasonable and appropriate instruction and experience in three distinct areas of legal practice. 


When you have successfully completed your PPC examinations and your in-office training you are now officially recognised as a solicitor and ready to go out in the world and provide clients with legal advice and representation on all legal matters. 

In total the process to become a solicitor in Ireland can take 24 months.

The skills, which a solicitor develops, are highly transferable and many solicitors move into business, the media, politics or work with non-governmental organisations.

For further information on qualifying as a solicitor. contact The Law Society of Ireland,  Blackhall Place, Dublin 7;


Postgraduate courses with professional focus and practical insight.

The award-winning Diploma Centre at the Law Society of Ireland has provided continuing professional education and training for over 20 years. The Diploma Centre offers a diverse range of postgraduate courses which are available both onsite and online. Courses delivered by leading experts are open to solicitors, trainees, barristers and suitably qualified professionals.

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