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Create your Canvas with Adobe Photoshop!

Imagine a world where you can create your own art and express yourself in just the way that you want!

With technology today, adobe photo-shop software makes it is possible to expand your creativity, play with images and put them all together in one specific place.

How can I learn Adobe Photoshop?

First and foremost, you need to have basic computer skills of course. Then there are four major steps you need to take in this course of learning.


In this stage, learners are those who have just begun their simple image editing skill. Basically, learning about the foundations and how to navigate in the program. Here you also learn the workflow, cropping and straightening, selections, basic image adjustments, fixing problem images and masking.


This level is supposed to help one improve the existing simple skills and master other new concepts as you speed up your workflow.

Experienced / Advanced

In this level you are going to build upon your previous skills, learning countless tips and tricks as well as creative techniques that you can use in your own work.


In this level, one is fully equipped with the program. You are able to produce and start your own creative work from the ground up. You can also teach other people since now you are skillfully equipped.

What can I do once I finish my course?

Adobe photo-shop makes one to be independent as there are a variety of skills one can get involved in.

For instance, you can apply for online jobs. Business owners, companies and individuals in need of photo-shop or design skills may flock at your door by providing you with projects such as branding and logo creation of their entities.

Since social media is the biggest marketplace today, one can start sampling their work online and eventually get a customer who can have a similar project in mind. Similarly, you can design images for social media marketing.

If one becomes a professional in the course, you can teach other people for a fee.

Another clever way is creating your own content such as marketing yourself on your own blog showcasing the kind of skill set at your disposal.

One other way is the advertisement for big corporations and companies seeking new and creative ways to spread their name and influence through image and visualization.

Small projects such as making t-shirt designs or flyer designs can also be profitable in the community through an Adobe Photoshop professional.

It is possible to venture into film production as the creativity and versatility behind it enable one to be able to edit and manipulate videos and images and consequently turning humor into gold.

Photo-shop has born new inventions that have rocked the media waves such as memes. One is able to spread information about a certain culture or behavior about a certain phenomenon. Through this, awareness can be spread throughout the world from person to another with just the simple editing of a picture.

Through Adobe photoshop, education has been simplified due to the emergence of new ways to label diagrams for difficult subjects such as sciences which may prove hard to understand without proper illustration of diagrams.

Scientists, from engineers to doctors to chemists and researchers, have been able to pass information effectively through image correction and editing.

Models and photography enthusiasts have seen positive returns that Adobe has made into the fashion and entertainment industry. Photo manipulation has enabled magazines to produce good, attractive, quality photos which in the end attract more customers to purchase their product.

A course in adobe photo-shop is very helpful since one has the freedom of creating their own creative content which they can monetize or influence out of.

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