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Give your career the break it needs with a course in Tourism and Hospitality!

If you want to go abroad and work in some of the most exotic locations imaginable, or you want to work at home, amongst the glory and the history of your own country, consider a course in Tourism and Hospitality.

There are many different aspects to a job in Tourism and Hospitality. You could work in a hotel, or a museum. You could work in a travel agency or at a bureau de change. Perhaps you could even become a steward with an airline. With so many possibilities available to graduates of a Tourism and Hospitality course, choosing a course should be very easy indeed.

What do I use a qualification for?

The field of Tourism and Hospitality is pretty big. There is a lot you can do with it, as it covers all sorts of different jobs. The biggest deciding factor is the level at which you choose to qualify.


A diploma level qualification will prepare you perfectly for a job at entry-level. If you want to work directly with customers, perhaps in a hotel reception or as a booking agent, then a diploma is the ideal qualification. This will allow you to learn how to provide top class customer service – it is more geared towards the ‘Hospitality’ side of the subject. These courses can also prove useful for people with an extensive CV in the industry, as it will allow them to showcase their improved skills without


At a slightly higher level, qualifying properly in Tourism and Hospitality will allow you to take control of a restaurant or travel agent. Some high-class airlines look for qualifications at this level for their stewarding staff. As these courses take place over several years, graduates are able to command a higher salary and better level of work. A degree at this level will also allow you to work directly in the domestic hospitality industry in a management position.


If you take your studies to the next level, or have already worked in the industry for some time, then you can use a postgraduate course, such a Masters degree to gain additional qualifications that will allow you to work at the highest level possible. This is a level advised for people who have serious ambitions to work in the field.

What will I learn?

What you will learn on a Tourism and Hospitality course depends on what sort course you take. If you take a course with a heavy focus on marketing and PR, then it is likely that you will study a course with much heavier marketing elements than someone who decides to study a course in Front Office Skills. A course in the latter subject is more likely to focus on heavy customer service elements and how to carry out a range of practical tasks.

Regardless, you can expect some of the following on each course:

 Customer Service. As the entire industry revolves around making people happy, learning how to do this is important.
 Co-ordination and office work. Dealing with a large number of people means that you must learn to be prepared at all times.
 IT Skills
 Business Studies

Whatever you choose do in the Tourism and Hospitality section – a booming business in Ireland, a course on the subject will help set you up for a rewarding career helping others to have an amazing holiday. It will allow you to see the world if you wish, and pays a competitive salary. With a great range of courses, get started today!

Kevin Branigan

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  1. Solange Santos 11/07/2019 at 09:26

    Hi good morning please l d like to know when is the next course is going to start and how much is it please?
    Thank you very

    1. Gemma Creagh 26/08/2019 at 09:33

      Hello Solange,

      There’s actually a number of very different ones happening throughout the country:

      Your best bet is to find the one you’d like to take, then reach out to the training provider through the ‘college details’ section.

      All the best!

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