Threading Courses: Add Threading to your Beauty Care Skills

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Are you a beauty professional that wants to learn the ancient art of threading? Or someone who wants to know more about threading? There are many threading courses available to teach you the proper techniques to remove facial hair by threading.

Chances are you know someone who has had this done or have had it done yourself. The technique of threading has been popular for thousands of years to quickly remove unwanted facial hair. Threading has gained popularity due to the precision it allows when removing unwanted hair. Threading courses teach you the tried and true methods of using threading to make your clients look great.

This alternative to tweezing and waxing eliminates the need for chemicals. And it is perfect for your clients with acne, sensitive skin, or who use other chemicals in their beauty routine. If you want to enhance your beauty services offering, take a look at the available threading courses.

About Threading Courses

Threading courses teach you the art of removing hair with the use of simple cotton thread. While learning the process is easy, it takes practise and patience to be proficient in this practice. Threading courses range from a few days to several weeks. You may need to bring a model for practising threading skills during class.

Threading Courses Training

The most common use of threading is for the eyebrows. There are other applications such as removing hair from chins, lips and fingers. Common topics in threading courses are below and are primarily focused on shaping eyebrows.

Tools – Threading courses may require that you bring your own tools. Check the course description for the required tools. Here are some general items that are typically required for threading. A spoolie brush or lash comb to separate lift facial hairs, small grooming or sewing scissors and loose face powder to make the threading process easier.

An eyebrow pencil and possibly a sharpener are also needed for threading. And finally, a spool or length of 100% cotton thread. The length should be 15 to 24 inches. And remember that the less thread you use, the more control you have.


Choose the shape of the client’s eyebrows and mark them carefully with the eyebrow pencil. Threading courses will have you practice measuring the length of the eyebrow to find the perfect arch. Then outline the exact shape so you stay inside the lines when removing the unwanted hair.


In the course session, learn to sweep the eyebrow hair up to raise the hairs that are out of place. You understand how to lightly trim the finest hairs that are longer and stick out. Threading course instructors teach you proper techniques for this step.

Preparing the Thread

You will practice preparing the thread by tieing in a big loop. Then twisting it appropriately in order to precisely grab and remove the unwanted hair.

Removing the Hair

This part takes a lot of practice to do accurately. But threading courses give you the basics and some initial practice to get started. Your instructors will teach you to how to remove the hair from the follicle with accuracy.

As your threading skills grow, you will be able to remove individual hairs or clean lines of hair all at once. This gives your client the perfect eyebrow shape. Plus this technique gives you a clear view of the client’s eyebrow. Waxing and tweezing techniques involve covering the hair in some way. Threading gives you a nearly unobstructed view of the hair to be removed.

Threading courses teach you the skills to offer one of the latest techniques for hair removal to your clients. Review the course listing to find a course that is right for you.

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