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Swimming lessons are an extremely versatile and beneficial form of exercise. Swimming lessons offer many benefits for any individual, from beginners to athletes. Swimming is one of the few forms of exercise that is more immediately accessible to those with injuries. As well as health issues and other common barriers to training and conditioning work.

What Swimming Lessons can offer?

Swimming Lessons will often involve taking people, adults and children alike from their first tentative paddling sessions all the way to advanced techniques. Swimming lessons can also help to improve the existing style and speed for each stroke of someone who can already swim.All swimming lessons will be carried out by qualified swimming instructors. 

Why take swimming lessons?

There are many reasons to take up swimming lessons at any age. Some of these reasons include:

  • Learning a Life-saving skill (70 of people who drown never intended to be in the water)
  • Health benefits: low-impact, great exercise, cardio-conditioning, life-long activity
  • Be able to swim at family events, with friends, with your children, on holidays
  • Fun/social – join a swim club, group of learners
  • Train/improve technique – compete in triathlons, etc.

What to expect

Swimming lessons are taught by highly qualified and experienced swim instructors. They will be trained in dealing with the unique challenges of learning to swim as an adult or as a child or young person. Swimming lessons will provide the learner with a relaxed, comfortable and social atmosphere to take away the stress associated with learning a new skill. 

Who should take Swimming Lessons?

Everyone! Swimming lessons are for everyone. Young and old alike. There are many classes out there that cater for every level of ability from people who have a fear of swimming and water phobias to people who wish to hone in on existing swimming skills and become better athletes. There are also plenty of courses out there aimed at mothers and babies or young children. These can be great ways to engage in your local area, meet new people and develop a better relationship with the water and become a stronger swimmer yourself. 

There are a number of different swimming lessons available across the country for any and all levels of interest and skill. 


You can find swimming lessons to suit your needs near you at Courses.ie

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